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Title: [08/01/2015] Why hold the wedding in Europe? Jay Chou answers all questions from Xiao Yan
Post by: kelvin on January 08, 2015, 05:25:21 pm
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A few days ago heavenly king Jay Chou went on "Small Swallow" to promote his new album "Aiyo, Not Bad", the producers invited Director Chou's good friends Will Liu and Jason, the three talked about music and family. During the interview, Director Chou was asked about the details of the wedding by Xiao Yan, surprisingly he revealed the reason behind choosing a European castle for the wedding, he showed a rare "young blushing girl" look, a very different look to his usual cool self.

Jay Chou admitted, he chose a European castle to hold the wedding with Hannah purely because his dream wedding is in a castle, romantic style with a fairytale princess, halfway he stated blushing: "I feel like I'm a girl." Causing laughter amongst the audience. Apart from this, Director Chou heard from Xiao Yan that there is a GMA winners table at David Tao's wedding, will he do the same? Unexpectedly he responded: "Just not going to invite any celebrities, it's better if it's a bit more low profile?"


Besides this, Jay Chou also revealed, he was deeply touched when he participated in good friend Will Liu's wedding, he added he was forcefully kissed by his good friend, he said: "It felt like I was forcefully kissed, if you're going to kiss me at least wait until no one's around to film it." The audience were laughing. Director Chou said, he hoped he will be a caring and responsible family man, he praised his good friend as the best example to follow.


The interesting thing is, Jay Chou was again asked if "What Kind Of Man Are You?" is based on his own story, without hesitation he responded: "If I want to chase I'll chase her down." He implied that if he encountered these sorts of situations he wouldn't withdraw.