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Jay Discussion / Jay after marriage / 14th album
« on: October 25, 2015, 04:25:28 pm »
Anyone still here ? So it dosnt look like we getting an album this with no news about it. I know he got married and childbirth but he did promise an album a year even after marriage. Yet he finds time to go on zhows like voice of china (i wouldnt mind it if it wasnt so damn long and consuming of his schedule)

He also announced he retired as a director. To me his best works are his own music and directed movies (secret). He is neglecting both and wants to spend his time cultivating other artists like on voice of china or jvr artists like CUG or drifters. Seriously he needs to wake up, he absolutely sucks at those. No artist he cultivated have been succesful. NQMM to drifters to Gary to Cindy to Darren to CUG all failed.

He really needs to get back to his roots and write and produce music. Should also develop film career both acting and directing more like Andy Lau transitioned from music to movies as he aged.

Jay Discussion / Hollywood #2: Now you see me 2
« on: January 17, 2015, 09:15:52 pm »
Use this thread for news etc..

Thoughts on Jay's participation anyone ?

Anyway this is NOT a good sign..a picture of the cast

Hopefully because Jay is too busy and not too minor of a role to be featured there..

Jay News / [12/05/2014] New Jaymobile
« on: May 12, 2014, 07:24:04 pm »

Jay will likely get scolded by his mum again. On [Mobile01] forum, netizens spotted Jay driving the hypercar Pagani Huayra worth around 3 million dollars. Lasy year he posted on Weibo "mum, where is my promised birthday present ? I am a child that never grows up." revealing that he wanted to buy another car. Contacting JVR, they revealed that this is Jay's dream car, yesterday he was invited by the dealer to test drive.

Yesterday netizens spotted a champagne gold Pagani Huayra in Beitou district, but only managed to get a picture of the back. After posting the picture, other people said "the person driving the car was Jay, I didn't see it but my wife saw it". Another netizen said they spotted it coming out of PFM car maintenance centre, with a van outside so it should be Jay.

Pagani's Asia dealer flew from Hong Kong to Taiwan on Mother's Day to deliver the vehicle, said to be worth around $3 million USD, with gullwing doors packing 700 horsepower, 0-100kmph time of 3.2 seconds with a top speed of 370 kmph. Currently in Taiwan there is 1 yellow one, another blue one in Taichung and lastly Jay's champagne gold model.

Jay loves cars, with a big antique collection and in recent years started collecting flashy supercars, with a collection worth around $133 million USD. In 2008 he spent $1.26 million on a Mercedes SLR 722 and in 2010 he spent $330 thousand on a black custom made Batmobile, which he left at his restaurant as display. IN his 2011 song "Super Sports Goddess" MV, there were 5 supercars worth around $10 million. It is estimated he owns more than 20 sports cars. This year he is 35 years old, everyone is watching whether he will fulfil his target of marrying at the age of 35, could the new car be the last gift for himself ? Jay's mum Ye Hui Mei doesn't like her son "wasting money" on cars, so Jay always tried to find opportunities to please his mum so he can ask to buy "presents/toys".

Source: http://ent.appledaily.com.tw/realtimenews/article/entertainment/20140512/396455/

Jay Discussion / Dirty Jay Joke..18+ (Chinese only)
« on: March 30, 2014, 07:33:32 am »
You might need to know Taiwanese to understand it fully.


最菜的回答 :爸爸對不起, 是我不對,下次不敢了.
 最拍馬屁的回答 :老爸我正好要喊你呢,我媽不在,過來一起研究一下吧.
 最直接的回答 :好久不看了,今天爽一下嗎.
 最好學的回答 :今天老師上生理衛生課生殖系統一章,老師說不上了,讓我們自己回去查閱相關資料~
 最可靠的回答 :聽說黃碟質量比較差,所以用來試試我最近才買的DVD的讀盤能力..
 最無辜的回答 :剛才去買了一盤瘋狂英語,可不知怎麼了,放出來的是這個東西!!
 最休閒的回答 :運動無處不在!!!!
 最可恥的回答 :晚上吃拉麵時,老闆說沒錢找,隨手送了我一盤,說是美國進口大片..
 最爽快的回答 :反正我總是要幹這個的,現在提前見識一下嗎...
 最現代的回答 :都加入WTO了,也該和世界接軌了,學習一下西方列強的先進方法嗎^_^
 最NB的回答 :老爸,你真是沒見過世面,這也算黃碟?!哪天我帶幾盤正宗的給你看看!!
 最可笑的回答 :最近陽氣太重,釋放一下嗎!
 最無知的回答 :老爸,你和我媽還是用這種方法呀?!!!
 最吊的回答 :這是我女友送我的情人節禮物,要我仔細看看,明天我們排練!!
 最滑頭的回答 :老師叫我們寫一篇看到黃碟後的感想,我馬上就可以寫了.
 最慈悲的回答 :看那個賣碟片的老闆太可憐了,出於同情就買了5盤!!!
 最聰明的回答 :給一個不讓我看的理由先!!
 最精彩的回答 :做愛原來還可以這樣呀!
 最廣告的回答 :地球人都看這個........
 最狡詐的回答 :爸爸,這個碟片是不是你的?怎麼放到我的光碟機裏了!!
 最猛男的回答 :終於看到黃碟了,好象也沒那麼過癮嗎?!!!!!!!!
 最無聊的回答 :聽說黃碟治感冒,不錯,還真管用!
 最具哲理的回答 :這就是藝術!!@##$$%$^*&(*((()__+_+>>>>
 最懊惱的回答 :靠,電腦中毒了!!!!
 最懶惰的回答 :爸,爆米花和可樂買回來了嗎!!!!
最杰倫的回答 :爸,麥勾安內x我媽媽!!!!

source: http://collect.life.com.tw/note.php?action=index&sid=87065

Jay Gallery / Jay World Tour Official Drink
« on: March 13, 2014, 05:41:35 am »

I think this is only for Australia, not sure if it's this in other countries..

Jay Discussion / JVR Music
« on: March 10, 2014, 04:03:48 am »
I am starting to think forming his own record company led to his "decline". Too much freedom was not good in this case.

First album to come out after he moved to JVR was Capricorn, which many will agree was the start of his decline music-wise.

Now let's take a look at this company's other artists:

NQMM ~ Disbanded. So they joined up with JVR, did not release any albums and then disbanded ?? What a joke.

Jerry Yan ~ Appeared under JVR for a few months then removed completely with no news ?? Right....

Gary ~ Im sorry, album failed even with all of Jay's support, end of story.

Drifters ~ Unofficially disbanded ? Where did the other guy dissappear to ? We only see Darren these days.
Darren will not last without Jay's support. He is still an unknown guy to non-Jay fans. To Jay fans he is only known as a tag-along.

Lara ~ She was pretty good, but only released one album in 2010 with no more news of music. She started a multimedia company with her sister, her name/page is removed from JVR, not part of Opus world tour, so is she officially gone from JVR ?

Cindy ~ To me the only succesful artist (besides Jay) JVR has produced. Destined to be in Jay's shadow but at least she lives up to expectations. The only artist that got in JVR without connections/friendship of Jay. Applied with her sample as a stranger and got accepted. Wish JVR got more of these people.

Edit: Forgot about Chase ~ Like Lara, wasn't bad but released one album and dissappeared ?

Jay Discussion / Official 13th Album Thread
« on: March 09, 2014, 07:32:19 am »
2 months to go (supposedly). So what do you want to see in this album ??

For me:
-Less kiddy songs (1 for 10 song album, 2 is tolerable for 12 song album)
-No Gary, please I don't want to his voice in any of Jay's official albums..
-Old school rap PLEASE..Ninja/Orcs/In Name of Father/General/Nocturne/Besieged/Twilight
-Slow rap like Dad Im Back/Listen to mum/Superman/Fragrant Rice
-Duet with someone else
-Simple melody, less "busy" instrumentals..Silence/Black Humour/Simple Love/Fine Day/Cannot Speak
-Nice if we got another "martial arts" based Chinese style song..Dragon Fist/Fearless/Nunchucks

So I guess in summary, I want the old Jay style back..tone down your wild/fantasy/kiddy side for MOST of the songs. You can do that with 2 songs. Max.

Your thoughts ?? You guys want another Exclamation/Opus or Fantasy/8 Dimensions ?!

Jay Discussion / 12th Album Opus 12 Discussion Thread
« on: December 28, 2012, 04:17:55 am »
Post your thoughts about the album so far..

For me this is better than Exclamation Mark. Probably better than The Era too.

I think he ran out of time for the duets since he only got JVR people. Too busy to invite other singers to collaborate which is a shame.

Jay Discussion / 12th Album Discussion Thread
« on: May 04, 2012, 01:27:51 pm »
Been half a year since Exclamation Mark, hopefully half a year to go.

Do you guys think we will get it this year? He will be busy directing Secret 2, which dosn't seem to have started yet.

Exclamation Mark is the only album that didn't get 4 stars or above on JCS voting page so I guess general concensus is its a dissapointment. He needs a comeback.

What do you guys wana see/hear this time ? Back to classics or something more outrageous ?

Jay Discussion / New Album
« on: April 24, 2011, 03:40:32 am »
So it's almost May..

End of last year Jay said May is his target date. Looks like that's a distant dream.

There's been NO NEWS of it and he's filming Against War...

Usually album news comes should come out 2 months prior to release, album name released a month before, and hit song released a few weeks before.

Right now, absolutely nothing. I think the EARLIEST we get it is July... : (

Jay Videos / Jay playing 6 different instruments
« on: March 20, 2011, 12:42:11 pm »
Okay a video I threw together from different clips showing performances of different instruments. You guys probaly seen most of them, but it's a compilation in one video. It's my first draft so quality is low for now..final will be better quality(my net is damn slow)

Any suggestions/criticisms welcome..fire 'em at me :). There's no editing at the moment because this is the first damn video I put together in my life. I may or may not edit it/put captions in..

If you want a performance added in or replaced let me know and pass me the link !

Jay Discussion / New Jay movie announced.
« on: January 13, 2011, 01:23:43 am »
I just read a news on jay2u in chinese, it's a popup link i dont know how to link that. it's on the front page news if you want to see it.

director's dante lam with jay, kwai lu mei and daniel wu at the moment. it's an action movie. they seem to be focusing on boasting about the budget, which is 25 million usd, is that meant to be a lot in asian cinema ?

damn, dosn't he have initial d and secret 2 to DIRECT, plus this one all seem to be in this year ??

Support and Suggestions / Filmography Page
« on: January 07, 2011, 11:57:32 am »
Hey I think you should update the Filmography page to add in True Legend and Green Hornet! I have a feeling after the release of Green Hornet, more 'foreigners' are going to search up more info on Jay.

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