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Jay News / [24/06/2014]Singer Jay Chou shares music with students
« on: June 30, 2014, 05:46:43 pm »
Source: Focus Taiwan


Taipei, June 24 (CNA) Taiwanese singer-songwriter Jay Chou temporarily put aside his celebrity persona Tuesday to become a teacher to hundreds of students at a Taipei event in which he shared his music-making experience.

The 35-year-old singer, dressed casually in a black top and vest, spoke humorously about the ups and downs, challenges and rewards of music-making, drawing laughter and applause from the 800 students who attended the event at the ATT Show Box.

Chou, one of the biggest names on the Mandopop scene, also gave a live demonstration of how he composes music, comparing the process to creating a painting.

"Music tracks are like oil paintings, you add one layer after another," he said.

During the one-hour lecture, a relaxed Chou improvised several melodies and rhythms on a keyboard and invited volunteers from the audience to fill in the gaps of the songs with him.

In response to an audience's question on whether he has ever felt disheartened when making music, Chou said "of course."

"Sometimes I just put it aside for a month," Chou said. "Give it some time and sometimes the feelings will come back."

Chou's talk was part of a series of lectures featured at the first Golden Melody Global Music Festival, which is being held to promote the 25th Golden Melody Awards and includes lectures, concerts, exhibitions, forums and music workshops.

He said it was his first time participating in an event of this kind and that he actually felt quite nervous before the lecture began.

The multiple Golden Melody Award-winner is also serving as a celebrity spokesman for the Golden Melody Awards, Taiwan's equivalent of the Grammys.

The awards ceremony will take place June 28 at the Taipei Arena.

The lecture was open to high school, college or graduate school majors in music, as well as to students who have participated in music-related student club

Jay Discussion / Happy 35th birthday, Jay Chou!
« on: January 17, 2014, 12:41:27 pm »


The fans on Facebook are celebrating!
Let's do so too!

Here's wishing Jay a great year ahead as I'm sure he will have lots more up his sleeve for us. :)

Jay Discussion / Links for The Brain (3 January)
« on: January 02, 2014, 11:05:56 am »
For those who want to catch Jay on The Brain, here are the links:



Scheduled for 22:00 hours, China time.

Jay Discussion / Happy Jay-ful New Year!
« on: December 31, 2013, 10:05:01 pm »
Hi peeps!

A thousand apologies as I've not been posting as much here 'cos I have my Facebook Jay Pages and Jay blog to maintain.
But I do keep tabs here and although the forum has gotten rather quiet, I thank Kelvin for keeping up the news.

Those who are keen can check out my blog, Jay Chou Diaoness and the accompanying Facebook Page of the same name.
I also admin The Rooftop: A Jay Chou film.

Happy Jay-ful New Year to all and it seems Jay was cooking on New Year's Eve for his family!

His new album is due in Feb/March.

Can't wait!

Here's Jay wishing us all a Happy New Year too!

Jay Videos / MV for Sign Language 手语 shou yu
« on: September 14, 2013, 02:50:33 am »
At long last, JVR released the official MV for Sign Language!

It is stunningly beautiful!
I just want to freeze every second of the whole MV to look at. :)

This is my blog post about it:


Jay Discussion / Faccebook Page for [The Rooftop: A Jay Chou film]
« on: May 31, 2013, 08:20:26 pm »
Hi peeps!

Do hop on over to this Facebook Page which is dedicated to The Rooftop!


Jay Videos / [12/05/2013]:Jay at Teresa Teng memorial concert
« on: May 13, 2013, 10:56:07 am »
Love love LOVE his performance at this concert!
He sounded great....much better than last year's, I gotta say. ;)

Jay Videos / MV for Dream 梦想启动 meng xiang qi dong
« on: February 28, 2013, 11:22:50 am »
It's finally out!

Jay, Lang Lang and Kevin Lin's collaboration....love it!!

Jay Polls / OPUS Jay World Tour 2013
« on: February 28, 2013, 07:52:22 am »
So what do you guys think?

I don't remember him going topless in any of his previous concerts.
The most revealing was the black tank top at the end of The One.

I say he will 'cos he's very keen on showing off the fruits of his hard labour and it will be something he has not done before in his concerts...therefore very DIAO. ;)

Jay Discussion / Lunar New Year greetings!
« on: February 09, 2013, 04:11:05 am »
Jay wishes all a Happy New Year!

Here's to a great Year Of The Snake for all in JCS from me too!!

Jay Videos / MV for 傻笑 Smile
« on: February 07, 2013, 11:26:33 am »
JVR has just uploaded this MV.

It's quite nice but nothing exciting.
I think Sign Language and Dreams Activate will be much better.

Jay Videos / Jay interview with Yahoo Entertainment for OPUS 12
« on: February 03, 2013, 01:50:36 am »
Enlightening interview:

Part 1:

"Well, I was thinking of using 12 December 2012 to release my new album, which is my twelfth album. Quite a few of my previous albums have numbers in them too eg Qi Li Xiang (七里香), Eight Dimensions (八度空间), November's Chopin (十一月的萧邦). I felt that this was good fun and would also indicate to my fans that it is Album No 12. The 'xing' does not mean 'star' 星 but 'new' 新, hence Twelve New Works.

Re my MVs:

I find it difficult to trust others to take charge of my MVs. In fact, I can let other directors do the job but it's just that when I'm writing the song, I already have the visuals for the MV in my mind. I find it difficult to convey to another person what they are and to let them execute it.

Which is why I prefer to handle it myself, the shooting and editing, which is very tiring. And to get the MV ready for a press conference.

Actually, very few singers produce MVs for every song in their albums. That's why I want to maintain this standard for myself, so that the MVs can also be used for KTV.

There was only one year in which I did not have a new album; that was when I was filming The Green Hornet, which I felt was a pity as I broke my own promise to come out with a new album every year.

Since then, I vowed to get back to one-album-per-year because music is my strong point and my basis.

I've been very busy this year with my self-acted-and-directed movie (The Rooftop) and also another movie (The Viral Factor). I want to remain a Superman doing many things and keep myself going for the fans.

Previously, I had alot more time to write songs but it's different now.

I use my sleeping time to write songs but inspiration can strike any time and cannot be controlled.

Like when I was in England shooting the MV for ming ming jiu. Actually, I had the music but not the lyrics yet. But I did have the visuals in my mind so I phoned Vincent and told him that I would have  seagulls and a castle in the song so you have to put them in your lyrics. And he delivered them the next day!

At other times, I might need to have a one-on-one discussion.

Sometimes I just record the music alone late at night in my restaurant but that is only for a demo tape for discussion and of course not what you hear in the final product.

It can all be very random.

Again, like the double bass for A Larger Cello.

I saw this street musician in England just singing and playing the double bass and found that very interesting as usually people use piano and guitar.I don't think any other Chinese singer had ever done a song like that and I like to do things others have not done before which means it's fresh. And so I proceeded to write one when I returned to Taiwan.

There is no set plan to write a song. It's not like I say, "Ok, it's time to compose this week" and sit down to do it.

Even when I'm working, my mind is thinking about all these.

The other styles in the album are the R&B ballads, Chinese style and the Imperial hip hop song, Eunuch with Headache, which I felt was yet another new style which I could do.

It's like a menu; I'm like a chef who wants to offer different dishes...there's old, there's new dishes.

Oftentimes, the creativeness doesn't just come from myself. Like for the Gong gong song, it struck me that Xiao Mai looks like a Gong Gong and I said I'd write a song for him. Eventually, I felt that the song was quite nice and decided to sing it myself.

Life gives you all these forms of inspiration; an artiste and composer has to keep young-at-heart to have fun playing with music.

I feel I'm still young which is why I write songs like Cowboy Very Busy. I also want to stay in touch with the youngsters of today.

My fans also come from a wide age range. As such, I don't limit my songwriting to certain styles and like to try anything."

Part 2:

"Actually, my physique was already not that good when I was filming The Green Hornet. Maybe you guys didn't realise but people around me would comment that I had put on weight.

So this time, when I was working out for the new movie, it hit me that my new album was also due, together with the MVs.

To me, this was my way of telling my fans that if I could achieve this body, then the music would be even more powerful and intriguing, and what else could I not do?

I wanted fans to be impressed by my new image and be curious about the album.

People have asked me if I worry about the day when my songs will not be popular anymore. Of course, but I also feel that such concerns are unnecessary.

If there comes a time when it happens, it means you have lost touch with the fans but I will do other things like movies, run my music company and nurture new talents who can do better than me. I'm not sure how those rumours about these came about but I think people are always watching and wondering about such things.

Nunchucks is a must-sing song during concerts, which I'm likely to keep performing for another 10 or 20 years.

Other must-haves are the zhong guo feng songs, which I can count on my fingers.

Also Silence, Black Humour from the early years.

Most of the earlier songs are naturally associated with alot of memories from a certain period in your past.

As such, it also creates the impression that I cannot write as good songs now as before.

But that's mainly because the memories which are linked to those songs have already been ingrained in your mind and given them a certain depth.

But I feel that the new songs in OPUS 12 are just as good so please do not say that I have not surpassed the older songs. Ten to twenty years from now when you look back on OPUS 12, you'll feel that this was not too bad after all!"

Jay Videos / BTS/MV for Ukelele
« on: January 30, 2013, 10:39:47 am »
MV for Ukelele!!

And the BTS:

Jay looks sooo cute!
And Danni is so pretty!!
Much better than that shark costume in Hydrophobic Sailor anytime...lol!

Jay Videos / Short clip of Jay interview for The Rooftop
« on: January 28, 2013, 09:01:01 am »
Here's a short vid interview with Jay for The Rooftop.

He talks about how busy he was making The Rooftop.

Shooting, directing, acting and editing in quick succession, unlike other directors who would leave the editing to much later. He also composed all the music.

It was very tiring but he's not willing to let others do it and he wants to do everything himself in order to be fully satisfied with the end-product.

The movie has everything he likes: action, fight scenes, fast cars, romance, music. He wants to include all these elements.

The movie will be released in June. There will be an OST album (yaaay!) and he had already written all the music for Rooftop before OPUS 12.

He loves keeping mementos from his movies. He keeps them in his restaurants, for want of a better place, which is also why he opens restaurants (lol!), also 'cos he loves to eat.

Your Diao Stuff / Piano covers for You Are Everywhere and Ming Ming Jiu
« on: January 24, 2013, 10:39:02 am »
Finally got my piano tuned up again and recorded two of my fave songs from OPUS 12 (actually, I love every song on the album):

You Are Everywhere 哪里都是你 na li dou shi ni:

Obviously 明明就 ming ming jiu:

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