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Announcements / and JCS officially closing down
« on: May 04, 2017, 05:30:44 pm »
Hi all (if there's anyone still reading),

We've finally come to the end of the line, will officially be closing down on the 13th this month with Jay Chou Studio following soon after. We've had a good run but all good things come to an end. I want to thank you all for your support through the years, it's been a pleasure sharing news and content with you all. I do hope you continue supporting Nicholas Tse and Jay Chou in whatever they do.

Please make sure you contact any friends on the forum before the forum closes down so as not to lose contact.

Once again, thank you for your support!  :bow:

Apologies that it took so long, my album got lost in the post.

Translator: Ho (
Source: Chinatimes

Jay Chou and Hannah exchange rings

Jay Chou and Hannah held their wedding in Selby Abbey in England in the afternoon on the 17th, Hannah's father led Hannah down the aisle and handed her over to Jay Chou, there were two ministers there to bear witness, the two exchanged rings and vows, completing their marriage! There was a choir and band playing there, add to that the blessings from friends and family, the atmosphere was romantic and joyful! The special thing was, there was a different from normal wedding song whilst she walked down the aisle, Director Chou wrote his own song for the wedding, the band there played it, the romantic song made the wedding take on a different atmosphere!

Jay Chou and Hannah walk down the aisle
Jay Chou and Hannah hold their wedding in Selby Abbey in England
Jay Chou and Hannah look sweet in wedding photos
Jay Chou and Hannah take their wedding photos abroad
Jay Chou and Hannah as white knight and princess

Translator: Ho (
Source: Ettoday

A few days ago heavenly king Jay Chou went on "Small Swallow" to promote his new album "Aiyo, Not Bad", the producers invited Director Chou's good friends Will Liu and Jason, the three talked about music and family. During the interview, Director Chou was asked about the details of the wedding by Xiao Yan, surprisingly he revealed the reason behind choosing a European castle for the wedding, he showed a rare "young blushing girl" look, a very different look to his usual cool self.

Jay Chou admitted, he chose a European castle to hold the wedding with Hannah purely because his dream wedding is in a castle, romantic style with a fairytale princess, halfway he stated blushing: "I feel like I'm a girl." Causing laughter amongst the audience. Apart from this, Director Chou heard from Xiao Yan that there is a GMA winners table at David Tao's wedding, will he do the same? Unexpectedly he responded: "Just not going to invite any celebrities, it's better if it's a bit more low profile?"

Jay Chou on Small Swallow with good friends Will Liu and Jason
Jay Chou reveals why he chose European castle for wedding

Besides this, Jay Chou also revealed, he was deeply touched when he participated in good friend Will Liu's wedding, he added he was forcefully kissed by his good friend, he said: "It felt like I was forcefully kissed, if you're going to kiss me at least wait until no one's around to film it." The audience were laughing. Director Chou said, he hoped he will be a caring and responsible family man, he praised his good friend as the best example to follow.

Jay Chou hopes to be a caring and responsible family man to Hannah

The interesting thing is, Jay Chou was again asked if "What Kind Of Man Are You?" is based on his own story, without hesitation he responded: "If I want to chase I'll chase her down." He implied that if he encountered these sorts of situations he wouldn't withdraw.

Translator: Ho (
Source: Ettoday

Since Jay Chou announcing he will wed Hannah on the day of his 36th birthday on the 18th of January, talk of the two's relationship has become the focus of the outside world. Director Chou has always been tight lipped about his love life, in recent days he has finally talked about it, he generously revealed the details about his relationship with his girlfriend, in the interview he called her "she", under his cool exterior he's just a big boy in love.

Jay Chou was interviewed recently, he loosened up and talked about Hannah. Director Chou recalled, he got the idea to marry her when his back problem was acting up and his body was in pain, during his weakest hour, he remembered how she silently stayed by his side without regret, he was touched, thus he made up his mind to tie the knot with the girl who stood by him.

Jay Chou was touched by Hannah's kindness when he was at his lowest

Jay Chou said frankly, it wasn't that he never had thoughts of "confirming" his partner in his past relationships, it was just that the relationships always only lasted 2 to 3 years. But, he has been with Hannah for 4 years, he said "It's tiring being with me! It's hard on her, she's endured it so long." The lucky thing is, during their dating period, they have had so few arguments that even they themselves don't remember, what happened to cause the argument they have completely forgotten, so he's particularly treasures this "real love" that was not easy to get.

Jay Chou and Hannah's relationship was not easy to obtain

To this, Jay Chou is very clear, whomever dates him is going to find it tough, not only do they have to shoulder the burden of being talked about and pressure, they also have to completely match up with the life rhythm of his own busy work schedule, to find another half who can endure all this is not easy at all. Director Chou said, he is 14 years apart from Hannah, but the two's personalities are very compatible, because "my wisdom is very similar to hers", he smiled saying the two get along like "children". But, he admitted they do have times when they don't see eye to eye, the only thing "different" is their interests in movies are different, but his girlfriend does ask if he wants to see it before going into the cinema, if he isn't interested she will go with one of her friends.

Apart from this, Jay Chou also revealed,  even though it wasn't love at first sight, but the first time he saw her he admired her a lot, talking about how his grandma liked her future granddaughter in law, he proudly said "who wouldn't like her." During the interview he revealed more, after dating his girlfriend, his mother "switched her affection to someone else", saying "in the past my mother cared about me, now she cares about her, she took her as a daughter in law long ago."

Jay Chou's mother Ye Hui Mei and grandma both approve of Hannah

Talking about the location of the wedding, Jay Chou stated he has already planned to hold it in Europe, the people invited are only of about 50 friends and relatives, the budget is NT$10 million, it's set to be a retro European party, but besides paying for it, the details are all decided by the bride, he laughed saying "I only worry about whether I will look good on the day!" Due to considering how his grandma can't come along due to her limited movement, he might hold another wedding party in February or March.

Apart from this, Jay Chou is serious about wanting 5 kids, but he likes boys more than girls, the reason being that he can play with boys, when the kid grows up he can pass on his moves for getting girls, if he had a girl he would be worrying more, during the talk he started to really think about it, if he really did have a girl "I will be a bit more strict", he said frankly he will love a girl more, and "(Girls) can like boys, but can't date." It sounded like he was a already a father.

Jay Chou to wed Hannah in Europe and live with mother afterwards

In the future, Jay Chou considered "mother still needs her song to accompany her", so he will still live with his mother Ye Hui Mei, luckily Hannah and his mother have no mother in law and daughter in law issues, so he's not worried about living together. Director Chou promised, after marriage even though he will focus on family, but he will still maintain one album a year, because this is his "unchanging promise" with fans.

Translator: Ho (
Source: Ettoday

Heavenly king Jay Chou is going to marry Hannah on his birthday on the 18th of January, as soon as the news spread it has shocked the whole of the Chinese entertainment circle, up till now all related news has been followed closely. A few days ago he was interviewed and talked about his love life which he rarely does, he admitted he was subdued by Hannah's "special move" and made him think about marriage, he also publically revealed the secret behind "What Kind Of Man Are You" for the first time.

When Jay Chou was interviewed by "Sina Entertainment" he stated frankly, he's weak against winsome girls, because he thinks maybe it's because he's got a bit of male chauvinism so he thinks "winsome girls are the cutest!" Director Chou said in no uncertain terms that "a lot of men like winsome girls", he himself is no exception and likes girls who are reliant and cute, long before he said this, when his fiancé Hannah was interviewed, it was because she loved being winsome so "her life up till now has been very lucky, smooth and happy", the interviews of the two were revealed, "the sweet coincidence" has ignited netizens again.

Jay Chou and wife to be Hannah

Apart from this, Jay Chou was asked why denied that the song "What Kind Of Man Are You" was not based on his own story, but he relaxed and revealed, he did indeed get some emotional enlightenment from this song. He said frankly that in the past he was never scared of rumours, but since he's become aware that he's going to be married soon, he's started to worry, he's thinking he should start being more responsible, so one of the reasons he got the already married Ariel Lin to be the female lead in the MV was "I won't need to worry about rumours like this!"

Jay Chou picks already married Ariel Lin for MV

Jay Chou also said, he's looking forward to welcoming a new identity in 2015, now he's living happier than he was in the past. Due to the fact that during the interview, no matter if he was talking, his face was full of joy, thus people made fun of him, "Maybe in the next album you will really hear Listen To Wife's Words!"

Jay News / [26/12/2014] Director Chou proposed to Hannah in London
« on: December 26, 2014, 12:46:21 pm »
Translator: Ho (
Source: Chinatimes

Jay Chou holds press conference for new albumJay Chou is about to get married to long term girlfriend Hannah

Jay Chou held a press conference for the release of his new album on the 25th, he will be getting married on the 18th of January, he has already proposed to his fiance Hannah in London, he planned a romantic fireworks display and knelt down in front of her, holding up a diamond ring, he filmed the proposal ceremony like a MV, he promised to be a "caring, family-oriented and responsible man", she was moved. The two plan to have 5 kids and form a musical band, at present he has kept his promise of celibacy as a Christian, he hasn't started trying to make babies.

Yesterday he said that the press conference is for the album release not for the marriage, but he couldn't hide his joy, talking about his new song "Listen to Father's Words", yesterday he said he wanted to be like Emil Chau and write songs for his family, "Listen to Wife's Words", "Listen to Kid's Words". In the MV for "Yangmingshan" he danced the "motorbike dance", due to the impediments he has, he will let his kids learn to dance and play the piano, he will educate his kids "Don't rely on dad, instead I will rely on them".

He has ankylosing spondylitis, the presenter Matilda Tao asked if it affected him (making babies)? He said proudly: "When it's not acting up, I can jump really high!" Matilda Tao laughed saying: "You use jumping?" In January he will head to England to film the movie "Now You See Me 2", he can get married in London or Paris since they are close, he stated at that time on the 18th of January he will be filming, but he refused to reveal the location of the wedding, he only promised that he will publish wedding photos and invite the media for a meal.

His agent Yang Jun Rong yesterday announced his new album "Aiyo, Not Bad" has already 72,000 pre-orders, he asked: "Is this a lot?", lamenting that "Fantasy" back in the day sold 460,000, now he only sells 70,000 and it's considered a success.

Translator: Ho (
Source: UDN

Jay Chou confirms date of wedding

Jay Chou and Hannah have been going out for 3 years, Jay Chou was on Hit FM yesterday, at last he revealed that he will marry Hannah on his birthday on the 18th of January next year, netizens have uncovered secret messages for Hannah in his new album "Aiyo, Not Bad", Director Chou smiled "The netizens have great imagination".

He worked with wife-to-be Ariel Lin on the MV for new song "What Kind Of Man Are You", Director Chou admitted the pressure was great "I needed to take care of a lot of things, also other people's feelings", but when asked about his feelings before getting married, Director Chou changed the subject back to the MV. He denied proposing to Hannah in England, he said "I'm scared of being spotted filming the MV, let alone proposing".

The "JQ relationship" has come to fruition, you can see the two's dating progress from Director Chou's MVs in the past few years, the MV for new song "What Kind Of Man Are You", Director Chou took Hannah to Florence in Italy and Verona, the latter is the origin of Shakespeare's famous play "Romeo and Juliet", you can tell Director Chou has a romantic personality, taking Hannah on the romantic Shakespeare route.

In the last album, the MVs for "Obviously" and "Big Ben", Jay Chou took Hannah to England, the MV for "Obviously" was in Scotland's Edinburgh, "Big Ben" was in London, Director Chou was busy lip syncing the MV while Hannah stood by silently, at last she has ascended to the position of "Mrs J".

THe interesting thing is, Director Chou is good at writing love songs, yet the ending of his MVs are always breakups, they are very different from his own love life, with this he proves that he doesn't put his own love life into the songs, the sadness in the MV contrasts with the sweetness outside.

Translator: Ho (
Source: JVR Music

Jay Chou doing the piano danceJay Chou sitting with a  bulldog having dinnerJay Chou holds a flower bud

The MV for Jay Chou's first plugged song "Extra Large Shoes" has incited frenzied discussion amongst fans when it was released, everyone was surprised how creative Director Chou was! In the MV there was a "piano dance" segment which captivated fans, saying "So handsome"! The choreographer Ice Cream who has a foundation in piano, when they filmed the MV he choreographed a "piano dance" segment at the last minute, the two dancers and Director Chou refined the dance for 3 hours before completing the "piano dance" segment, Jay Chou said: "If a dance teacher can play the piano then he has the right to choreograph a 'piano dance', it's so diao! Everyone can learn it." In order to persuade others, Director Chou had teacher Ice Cream demonstrate playing the piano to prove he can and to make this "piano dance" fit the logic, it's just that when Ice Cream played to a certain level, Director Chou joked at him "stop while you're ahead", it's more important to get the MV finished. The "piano dance" combines piano and dance, Ice Cream stated he had discussed it with Jay in the past, they can finally show off this bit of creativity no one has played with before in the MV! The fans were full of praise for Director Chou's heavy use of "forced perspective" visual design and brand new creativity, fans stated this MV can be considered the best MV in 2014!

In the mV Director Chou designed lots of comedic touches, even using "forced perspective" to create a visual effect! Like when the silent teacher hangs from Jay's tie, or the silent teacher looking like he's dancing in a skirt, later Director Chou reveals that it's just a flower bud, the teacher is so embarrassed he has to cover himself up, it is full of "laughs"! A lot of "forced perspective" camera shots require exact calculations of distance, it's the reason this MV took 3 days to film, in one scene Director Chou is playing the piano, in the background the "Mr.J" lights took workers 3 days to get the 1000 light bulbs positioned, Director Chou said: "Playing with forced perspective takes a long time yet you only see it for a short time, like arranging the Mr.J lights we needed to calculate the distance, every angle to make it seem like there's only a bunch of lights at the front, when the camera moves to a certain position then you will see the words Mr.J, a lot of people asked if it was special effects? No! This was our hard work!"

Fans praised the MV for "Extra Large Shoes" as a great one to watch! The YouTube views have been rising rapidly! In just 12 hours it has broken 1 million views! Director Chou's boundless imagination and creativity made fans say how much effort he has put in! In reality, Director Chou didn't just play with "forced perspective" in the MV, in the album booklet you can see many designs of "forced perspective", like a photo with a bulldog with "forced perspective" looks like the dog is having a big lunch, it took a lot of effort to film these photos, Director Chou had to get to know the dog and the staff had to attract his attention to look at the camera, it was very hard to get the shot! Director Chou smiled saying: "The dog was very heavy, he wore a suit and sat on my lap, it was like I was holding a person." Even though it took a lot of effort to handle the dog and it took a lot of time to film the rest of the photos in the booklet, but with the interesting "forced perspective" camera shots turning into photos for the album booklet, Director Chou thinks it was worth it, it's a good thing for fans to have in their collections.

The latest album "Aiyo, Not Bad" is available for pre-order on the 10th in iTunes and physical, the pre-orders on iTunes compared to other albums already out has already hit the top of the charts in just one day! Even though iTunes you can only listen to "Extra Large Shoes" in iTunes currently, but along with the revealing of the other 11 tracks it is attracting the attention of fans and the music industry! It includes "Yangmingshan", "Steal Love", "What Kind Of Man Are you", "Ends Of The World Passing Traveller", "How Are You", "Reading It All Correctly In One Breath", "I Love Summer", "The Past I Handwrote", "Listen To Father's Words", "Mermaid", "Listen To The Sound Of Falling Rain", they have all been discussed by fans. Jay Chou's 13th album "Aiyo, Not Bad" is launching in 7-11 and all major music stores on the 10th of December.

Jay News / [03/12/2014] Jay Chou's new album called "Aiyo, not bad"
« on: December 03, 2014, 05:11:28 pm »
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Source: Sina

Jay Chou in promotional photo for new album Aiyo, Not BadJay Chou poses looking like Charlie ChaplinJay Chou in weird sack-like suitJay Chou's new song Extra Large Shoe Size

According to Taiwanese media reports, Jay Chou will release his new album before he gets married at the beginning of next year, he's a funny guy and so named his album after his catchphrase "Aiyo, not bad", he even wore a black top hat to transform into Charlie Chaplin, but the cutest thing of all is the custom made large wooden shoes he wore for his new song "Extra Large Shoe Size", he needed help to get the shoes on, add to that the sack-like jacket, trousers, he looked really comedic.

The first plugged song "Extra Large Shoe Size" is composed by him with Vincent Fang writing the lyrics, he said: "This time I especially wrote a retro style song Extra Large Shoe Size, it's a hip hop rap song, the lyrics are very rich and interesting, it's got the humour of Charlie Chaplin, I hope everyone can become happier and happier as they listen to my song!" He wore extra large shoes to shoot the promotional photos, the new song will premiere on Hit Fm on the 5th of December, the new album will start pre-orders on the 10th of December and will be officially released on the 26th.

Translator: Ho (
Source: OnCC

Jay Chou holds concert in Hong Kong

Jay Chou completed six concerts in a row in Hong Kong's AsiaWorld-Expo, after the show he was interviewed, he talked about the Hong Kong fans' being so passionate, this made Director Chou state to the audience before the ending that he will come to Hong Kong for a concert next year again, Director Chou stated he hoped but it would depend on the venue, there are a lot of people holding concerts in the Coliseum, but when his new songs come out he will come back, he can't be away from the Hong Kong fans too long. Will he get married first? Director Chou said frankly: "Yes, first marriage, then I'll hold another concert, OK, OK. (Have you set a date yet?) It'll be before I turn 36. (There's still two months to go?) Yes, there's two months! (Are you nervous?) I'm not nervous anymore. (Why?) This question is so old, in the past when I got asked this question I would be nervous, but now it's getting closer and closer, it's two months OK. (But the media are nervous?) Before I was nervous because the new album was not finished, I've been busy all along and I didn't know what to do, so with the new album and concert finished it feels good, I can do the things I should do."

As to Director Chou saying Hong Kong will be the last stop this year, the next tour will be next year, he couldn't help but say: "It's finally finished, I can relax!" Talking about how everyone was looking forward to him going on stage and announcing his proposal to girlfriend Hannah? Director Chou laughed saying: "This idea is not bad, but the performance has already ended." Have you thought about proposing on stage? Director Chou said: "I've thought about going onstage, a lot of people have done it before, but I think my time on stage should be for the fans, this kind of family matter should be done in secret." Asked about how he's prepared doing things in secret and will he announce it? Director Chou said honestly: "Yes, I'll do it in secret first then tell everyone. (Have you thought about how you will propose?) I thought about doing it at the concert really, I'm a musician, if I did it at the concert it would be so cool, it would be good, a lot of fans propose offstage, I will think about it some more."

Talking about Hannah coming to support him at the concert, was she waiting for Director Chou to propose? Director Chou smiled saying: "She came to listen to music, don't worry, I will tell everyone! (Will you have your wedding in Paris?) No. (Will you get married on your birthday?) No, it will be complete before my birthday, it's soon, there's still two months." Are you sure Hannah will say yes? Director Chou smiled saying: "I don't know!" Talking about the leaked news that Hannah is going on Xiao S' "Here Comes KangXi"? Director Chou couldn't help but say: "KangXi is a terrifying show, you can't go on it without considerations!"

Translator: Ho (
Source: Chinatimes

Hannah at Jay's concertJay Chou holds concert in Hong Kong

Jay Chou held the "Opus 2" concert in Hong Kong on the 20th, he is releasing an album next month, the night before yesterday he revealed two new songs at the concert for fans, one of them is called after fathers "Listen To Father's Words", it's actually a love song, the lyrics "You listen to your father's words, he says I'm bad", this reveals that during the start of their relationship, her father was against them, he persisted to reap the rewards.

He and Hannah are 14 years apart, they met 4 years ago, she was just 17, not an adult yet, Hannah's father worry is understandable, he worked hard with actions to show his sincerity and wait for her to grow up; in his lyrics he writes, "I listened to mother's words, she wants me to never give up easily, if you still like me, let me get you back", you can tell how important his mother is to him. But JVR Music stated: "Normally he doesn't not describe his own story when writing songs."

His "Listen To Mother's Words" was a hit across the entertainment industry, his new song "Listen To Father's Words" expresses the similar importance placed on fathers; in the past he named an album after his mother "Ye Hui Mei", he didn't forget to call the main song "In The Name Of The Father", he balances his love for both his parents. The night before yesterday he performed the fast song "Yangmingshan", it's about his friendships when he went to Yangmingshan for the first time when he was a student, he experienced playing pick the key but picked a boy's own part.

He added another 6 nights to the concert because of the sell out, he will soon be a husband and shared his joy: "Everyone listening to my songs will be happy." During which some male fans shouted "I love you", he smiled saying: "I heard the boy say I love you, I'm touched." Yesterday Hannah was also there to support her boyfriend.

Translator: Ho (
Source: Chinatimes

Jay Chou is releasing an album in December, on the 14th he revealed his new song's MV on the Mr.J Taiwanese official blog, in 4 hours over 10,000 fans had pressed liked, the 18 second preview is called "CUG", netizens asked: "Is CUG Journey To The West?" Sharp-eyed netizens saw that the guy pretending to be a woman is Ken, thus solving the mystery of "CUG", he is helping Ken, Xiao Mai, Ice Cream form a male group.

Director Chou is keen to promote his friends, last year he suggested Ken, Xiao Mai and Ice Cream form a group "CUG" to release an album, he will help them write songs and help them promote their new album. Due to Ken posting on Facebook the night before: "Finally it's out." sharing the MV and so the puzzle was solved. JVR Music yesterday said "You will find out at the time, please look forward to it", they hyped it.

Director Chou is holding a concert in Malaysia on the 14th and 15th, his good friend Devon will be the guest, Devon and Frank wrote the song "Japanese Era" for the movie "Replace", they won the Outstanding Movie Theme Song award at the IndieFEST in America. Director Chou said at the concert the night before: "I wrote 12 songs for the new album, it will be out next month, you just have to listen to it, you don't have to buy it, because I'm not relying on it to make money." All the fans there were full of laughter.

His words made netizens say "So swag"! Some netizens think he's concerned about fans spending money so they said "I'll buy it no matter", "How can I not buy it", JVR Music yesterday hurried tried to save the situation, explaining: "Director Chou was joking, he is announcing his new album is coming out, he wants the fans to focus on his music and listen to his songs." Actually Director Chou is not wrong, in terms of the current record market, record sales are no longer an artist's main income, this year he did 7 commercials and 21 concerts, raking in 6 hundred billion and 17 million 45 hundred thousand, he's not making money through selling CDs.

Jay News / [13/11/2014] Jay Chou invites Ariel Lin to film MV
« on: November 13, 2014, 05:15:04 pm »
Translator: Ho (
Source: UDN

Jay Chou and Ariel Lin filmed a commercial together years ago

Before he heads off to Hollywood to film the new movie "Now You See Me 2", Jay Chou is busy filming the MVs for his new songs in his 13th album coming out at the end of December, yesterday night he booked the restaurant in the east district, he invited Ariel Lin, who he worked with on "Nun-Chuks" 13 years ago and Darren to star in the MV, perhaps it was because the media are focused on Jolin Tsai and Namie Amuro's collaboration, Jay Chou spent the day running around Taipei and no one noticed.

"The Double J legend" is a classic in the industry, Jolin Tsai invited Carina Lau and Namie Amuro to work with her on her new album, Jay Chou has gone the low key route, on his last days as a bachelor before his wedding in January next year he has invited Ariel Lin, who just got engaged to star in the MV, the collaboration of two soon to be married people does not lose out to Jolin Tsai in terms of talking points.

In the restaurant, Jay Chou was both the MV director and cast member, he asked Ariel Lin to sit in the corner of the restaurant alone, acting a deep scene, Darren from idol drama "A Good Wife" guest starred, there were also a group of foreign models acting as waitresses, seems like the set is a european vibe.

In order to prevent the MV being revealed, the restaurant was covered with a black cloth outside, there were also 3 to 4 people standing guard to stop anyone peeking, the staff all had to be quick coming in and out, they were all skilled in keeping things under wrap. Even though Jay Chou has been so careful, but the small monitor outside the set accidentally revealed part of the MV, Jay Chou had inspiration but because there wasn't enough time to prepare, the crew wrapped up early, Ariel Lin left on her own after she finished her part.

13 years ago, Jay Chou and Ariel Lin was in "Nun-Chuks", there was only one scene where they held hands, now they are working together again, Ariel Lin is already a Golden Bell Award-winning actress, Jay Chou has also made the jump to Hollywood star, add to that Darren who has been standing out recently in dramas, it is obvious Jay Chou's desire to use a bit of Darren pulling power. Talking about the MV, JVR Music stated, the contents of the MV are a secret, please look forward to it.

Jay Chou has been very secretive about his album and his marriage, he's only now willing to talk after the news of him accepting a role in "Now You See Me 2". The interesting thing is, at the time when Jay Chou was filming "The Green Hornet" in America, he once filmed a Mainland China commercial with Ariel Lin right there, now he's taken on "Now You Seem Me 2", he's once again filming an MV with Ariel Lin, the two have a deep connection with Hollywood.

Translator: Ho (
Source: UDN

Jay Chou to star in Now You See Me 2

Before his marriage Jay Chou getting luckier with his stardom, he has been invited to star in the Hollywood movie "Now You See Me 2", he will be staring with A-class star Morgan Freeman, Mark Ruffalo and Daniel Radcliffe, Jay Chou's agent Yang Jun Rong stated, the movie production crew sent out an invite, and with the script being even better than the first one, the story is related to magic and so they decided to accept it, when Jay Chou heard about it, he was especially surprised but he agreed straight away.

After filming "The Green Hornet", Jay Chou has been cautious about picking Hollywood scripts, even Cameron Diaz, who he worked with back then, has asked Jay Chou to come to Hollywood more often to film movies, it's been half a year since she said that, Jay Chou indeed will come to Hollywood for a second time, not just that but with big stars around him, in December he will head to England to film this movie, Jay Chou stated, he once saw the first "Now You See Me", he never thought he would be accepting the invitation to the sequel, even if his schedule was full he would make time to be in it.

Jay Chou will be releasing his 13th new album at the end of December, on the 27th of December he has a concert in Singapore, he has many invitations for the New Year concerts so he will probably accept one. Thus Jay Chou estimates that after the concert in Hong Kong is finished in November, he will focus on the MVs for the new songs, at the beginning of December he will head to London to film the movie, the schedule is "hurriedly", about the role, even though we already know he is called "Li", his personality and features have not been made public, he is full of mystery, Yang Jun Rong revealed Jay Chou's character is very interesting.

Half a month ago, Jay Chou participated in an event in Hainan, at the time he met Morgan Freeman, the two chatted, not long after that, rumours were abound the two here collaborating, the two's collaboration is highly anticipated. When Jay Chou's colleague Devon found out Director Chou was going to film "Now You See Me 2", he sent a text to Jay to praise him, Jay responded: "Not bad right? So diao!"

Jay Chou spent half a year learning English for "The Green Hornet", now he will be acting in English again, he will probably practise his English conversational skills whenever he has free time, as for the fee? Yang Jun Rong stated, the fee isn't important, the important thing is the role is matches Jay Chou.

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