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Jay Discussion / Re: FANS
« on: February 23, 2017, 01:08:15 am »
I will be obsessed until I die. To those former fans who have moved on... It's their loss.

Jay Discussion / Re: Hollywood #2: Now you see me 2
« on: September 13, 2016, 11:32:45 pm »
Anyone know where in the movie Eunuch w/ Headache and Extra Large Shoes was played ? I never heard it :( But somehow they are in the OST. Maybe only for Asian version of the movie ?\

Also how come the song in the movie credits had Chinese chorus I never heard anywhere else..whereas all other versions have English chorus I'm so confused.
They're played in the U.S version whenever they go to the shop. Eunuch is played through headphones when they first meet Jay and he's sitting down listening to music. You just gotta pay attention.

Jay Discussion / Re: Jay after marriage / 14th album
« on: July 19, 2016, 06:47:04 pm »
Yooooo, haven't been on for so long. Not the biggest fan of the new album to be honest. 告白氣球 is nice chilled song, really like the rapped part at the beginning. A few nice slow ballads as usual.

Haven't listened to the album much tbh. I'll give it a few more listens before I give a final verdict.
  Really? I thought Bedtime Stories, and Lover From The Past were awesome redemption songs for not having enough dark gothic style songs in recent albums like Opus. I still think there are too many slow ballads in this album and it really needs a classic Jay Chou style R&B song like Mermaid, or Sign Language(but without autotune). I really could do without the Zhong Guo Feng(the slow ones anyways). Those are really overrated to me and I think he's done enough of them to where they are starting to blend together and sound alike. I feel the same with his recent slow ballads. I think he is the best at doing gothic style rap with a bit of classical music, so songs like Casualties Of War, Twilight Chapter 7, Nocturne, In The Name Of The Father, and also the not too slow R&B love songs like Carnival, You Can Hear It, etc.. That is why Ye Hui Mei, Common Orange Jasmine, and November's Chopin all did so well. They all had a mix of those styles.

Jay Discussion / Re: Jay after marriage / 14th album
« on: July 02, 2016, 11:19:53 pm »
Anyone care to talk about the new album?

Well that was a bit freaky
This is the best Jay Chou MV I've ever seen.

Jay Discussion / Re: Jay after marriage / 14th album
« on: January 31, 2016, 12:35:34 am »
There's almost no original Jay stuff nowadays..He hasn't even finished with the MV's, I don't think we will see an album until late this year. Another season of Voice of China..I like it but that show is way too time consuming..

Totally agree. He only just started working on his album.

Jay Discussion / Re: Jay after marriage / 14th album
« on: January 11, 2016, 10:36:37 am »
The other studio song he has sung and which was written by someone else would have to be Cindy Yen's Sand Painting, right?

Anyway, I thought the song was quite catchy and found myself singing and moving along after a couple of listens, perhaps helped by the cute images in the MV. :)
I shall thus respectfully disagree with jaychoufanatic's use of the words, 'terrible' and 'sucks' to describe the song.

I guess I understand how someone might like the song as a fun kiddy song, but musically speaking, the song is terrible compared to Jay's standards, even though he didn't write the song. As a musician myself, I cannot take this song seriously. To me, music is an art form and this song isn't that. This is a way to make money, by making a catchy(for little kids) generic Disney style song that has no creativity whatsoever. Even the lyrics are extremely generic and the theme of "believing in yourself" has been done over, and over, and over, and over again so many times. I'm just sick of it. Sorry janl but it's true. Go back and listen to Jay's Ye Hui Mei album. That is REAL music.

Jay Discussion / Re: Jay after marriage / 14th album
« on: January 10, 2016, 03:47:37 am »
Yea it's not very good, at least Jay didn't write it I suppose. This must be one of the very few times he's sung a studio song written by someone else.

Glad someone agrees with me. People on YouTube actually responded that it was a good song after I commented that it sucked. Must be Jay's newer fans. It's hard to find senior fans to talk to these days like Kelvin and myself. I actually don't really care that Jay sang in this song as long as he didn't write it and as long as it doesn't go in his next album. I'm actually more hopeful about his next one because Aiyo Bu Cuo had some classic sounding songs, like Qie Ai (窃爱) Stolen Love. Hopefully his next one is even better, since it's taking so damn long...

Jay Discussion / Re: Jay after marriage / 14th album
« on: January 08, 2016, 02:21:48 am »
It will be a new tour.
OPUS 2 Jay officially ended on 20 December in Kunming.

Promo about the song for Kung Fu Panda with Patrick Brasca, with English and Chinese lyrics:

I heard the song 2 nights ago. The song is utterly terrible.

Jay Discussion / Re: Hollywood #2: Now you see me 2
« on: February 02, 2015, 12:11:38 am »
Thanks for the link..

He says his role is very short, I think it is just one scene..of him in the magic shop and doing a few tricks and then done with the movie.

Interesting how he still says he wants to learn directing process even though he says he's done with directing ?

If he gets to use his old song, I think Twilight Chapter Seven or Enchanting Melody would be fitting. I prefer Twilight. Hopefully they use it when Jay appears in the movie.

He'd probably use Mr Magic. Those other 2 songs have nothing to do with magic.

Jay Discussion / Re: Hollywood #2: Now you see me 2
« on: January 18, 2015, 10:32:27 am »
Jay was only in the UK for like what? 10 days of filming? Seems like he might just have a minor role. :(

Kuso, that's obviously not the entire cast... Otherwise where's Morgan Freeman and Daniel Radcliffe?

Jay Discussion / Re: Aiyo, Not Bad
« on: December 30, 2014, 12:20:59 pm »
I like the second half,when I was first listening to the first few songs I thought that it was worse than Exclamation Marks but the second half saves the album.The ballads with the exception of What Kind of Man which I feel that has some of the worst lyrics of from his albums.The upbeat rock song is getting worse with each incarnation.The Zhonguofeng one also is forgettable.

Overall It's sad but it seems that he is content in doing the same thing over again like autopilot.I have no issue if there is 2-3 classic Jay style songs to please the fans but repeating the formula and having the very similar type songs he's done before and now done less catchy and exciting is not good.

Which is why I love Pronounced Clearly. It's got that classic Jay feel, has a similar beat to Ninja, but It's also so different. The way he raps is totally different than anything he's done before. If there is a breakthrough song in this album it would have to be this song. Opus didn't have any songs that surprised me or gave me goosebumps when listening to it, which is why this album is so much better. The only problem I have is once again there are an overload of ballads and they all sound similar, but I can live with that since there are four songs that I think are absolutely amazing.

Haha I really haven't noticed. I wouldn't consider Lonely Christmas by Eason a Christmas song though well not in the same sense as how I consider songs like "All I Want For Christmas is You" or "Jingle Bell Rock" as Christmas songs. The lyrics to the Eason song has the word Christmas in it but that's about it.

What do you think makes those Jay song sound Christmasy? 

The melodies and the style in which Jay is playing piano. They just have that lonely Christmas feeling to them. I don't really know how to explain it in words. Especially the song "How Are You" from Exclamation Mark. It has a really familiar sound. It just feels like the holidays, even when I listen to that song during the summer. Here's a piano cover of "White Christmas". Maybe you'll understand what I mean, maybe not.

Why do most of Jay's recent ballads sound like Christmas songs now? How Are You, Obviously, What Kind of Man, and Listen to Father's Words all have a christmasy sound to them. I was listening to Jay on a radio talkshow and he was playing guitar and singing What Kind of Man and I heard him singing Merry Merry Christmas.

Jay Discussion / Re: Aiyo, Not Bad
« on: December 27, 2014, 12:01:21 pm »
I voted yes for the same reason dmonic bryan did. It's got more dark sounding songs. Extra Large Shoes, Love Burglary, and Pronounced Clearly. Also I love Mermaid which is like the r&b mumbling style from his first 3 albums.

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