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Author Topic: [26/12/2012] Trailer released for Jay Chou's "The Rooftop", new "musical martial arts" revealed  (Read 1131 times)

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Translator: Ho (
Source: Xinhuanet

Jay Chou's new movie posterJay Chou in new movieThe back of the female lead for Jay's new movie The Rooftop

A few days ago, the first trailer for Jay Chou's second directed piece "The Rooftop" was released. "The Rooftop" is the newest movie from Jay Chou since directing the award winning "Secret" in 2007, it has been 6 years since that. On the 11th they held a "secret uncovering" press conference in Mainland China, "The Rooftop" has gotten the full attention of the media, the media requested the short clip to be played 3 times, screams came from the audience.

According to the introduction, the movie "The Rooftop" was filmed in Taiwan, Shanghai and Beijing, the story is based in what seems like an ancient era, from the trailer, this movie not only mixes elements of romance, action, dancing, special effects, etc..., in terms of looks it is the 70s era look, Jay Chou directs again and stars, in the movie there is "songs and martial arts". In the trailer for the movie, there is a glittering dream scenery, it realises Jay Chou's romantic side; the rich poetic classic flavour shows off Jay Chou's love of "Chinese style"; the pacey rhythm feel, graceful dancing, exciting backflips and weird and wonderful characters, it is a never done before new genre of movie and will be seeing everyone soon.

According to reports, the crew behind "The Rooftop" are called the "golden team": it is built on the original crew members of "Secret", director Chou invited some top Asian people to join, they have filmed "In the Mood for Love", "The Sun Also Rises", five time Golden Horse Best Filming winner and known as "the pride of Chinese" Mark Lee; visual artist Akatsuka Yoshihito who has worked on "The Flowers of War", "Kill Bill" and other major productions; experienced action director Gil-yeong Yang who has worked on "The Host", "Old Boy" and other movies; image creator Dora Ng who has won the Hong Kong Film Awards four times, and two times the Golden Horse Awards working on "Bodyguards and Assassins", "Comrades: Almost a Love Story". Such a strong production lineup has once again raised the anticipation and attention of the audience.

The "Jay female lead" has been under constant speculation, as always the identity is "a secret", but this time in the trailer you can see her back, it has added to the suspense of seeing her face. Apart from the appearance of Xueqi Wang who we already know is in the movie, the rest of the cast for the movie is still shrouded in secrecy, you can't help but be impressed with the director keeping things a secret.

The first concept poster for the movie "The Rooftop" was also revealed along with the trailer: a pair of romantic lovers staring at the stars on the rooftop, the tranquil dreamy scene and the exciting trailer form into a fresh opposite. It seems the rumoured love and romance is still an important element in the movie. Even though the movie "Rooftop" has released a trailer and poster, the suspense it is building up is raising the anticipation of the audience to the highest.
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Ugh can't wait for the movie to be released! >< I need to know who the female lead is, NOW!
Looking forward to Jay's "romantic" side XDDDDDDDDDD
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