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Author Topic: [C/E}: 梦想启动 Activate Dreams  (Read 1785 times)

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[C/E}: 梦想启动 Activate Dreams
« on: January 11, 2013, 03:52:03 am »
My translation for this uplifting song, for which I can't wait to watch the MV 'cos it'll have Lang Lang and Kevin Lin!!

当你还在继续 我当然也不能够说放弃
因为坚持 所以我们越要相信

慢慢的睁开 慢慢的睁开 仰望着天空就算努力也许孤独
把心都打开 把心都打开 如果那机会降临你能够追的上吗

微笑吧 就算不断失败
站起来 再重来 把脆弱推开
在现在 在未来 我为你喝采

Different sweat for different dreams
As long as you keep going, I, of course cannot give up
Because of perseverance, all the more we believe
You say you run to go beyond yourself
I say I work at my music because I want it to transcend generations
Keep all the failures and setbacks at the back of the mind
I see the map of the world from your feet

Open up slowly, open up slowly, keep watching the sky even if it gets lonely
Open up your heart, open up your heart, if there is a chance, can you keep up?

Smile even if you keep failing
Stand up, start all over again, push your weaknesses asaide
Confidence in your mind,do not lose your soul
For now, for the future, I applaud you.
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