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Author Topic: Casanova  (Read 6288 times)

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« Reply #30 on: September 01, 2013, 05:45:18 pm »
X: A Date?

I was still thinking. Why was he being so caring? Why did he insist on my company to invest?

“So, what is your motive?” I asked him.

“Motive? It’s to get the project done of course.” He said.

“Why do you insist on my company?” I said, ignoring his comment.

“Didn’t I answer that question before?” He said.

“When?” I asked.

“The fact that I was hasty in the start of the foundations. The orders were given. Now we have begun, we can’t stop.” He answered.

“Why not?” I asked. “Are there not thousands of designers for you to nitpick?”

He sighed.

“Really, you ask far too many questions.” He said coolly.

We turned a corner and pulled to a stop.

“We’re here.” He said.

I looked out. Mr. J Italian Restaurant stood in front of me.

“Your restaurant?” I asked. “Really?”

“Well miss, you are a designer. We are on a project of a building. I am your investor. I was thinking that maybe you can advise me.” He said.

He put on a cap, a mask and glasses. He then tossed me a shawl and a mask.

“Put these on at your own will.” He said.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because I should be the one who should be hiding.” He said.

I rolled my eyes. If he were to be low key, he shouldn’t have driven a Mercedes. Since I was with him, I might as well collaborate. I took the shawl and wrapped the shawl around my head and followed him towards the restaurant.

We walked in through the back door and headed upstairs, isolating ourselves from the rest of the customers that were enjoying their evening meal. It felt really awkward. Was he tricking me to go on a date?

Once seated, I took off my mask and shawl. He took off his mask too, but kept on the glasses.

“What do you want to eat?” He asked me, as he flipped through the menu.

I took a look at the menu. All looked quite appetizing.

“Uh… I’ll take the roast beef.” I said.

“Ok then. I’ll have a smoked salmon.” He said. “Waiter!” He called out. He tried his best to avoid eye contact.

“We’ll have a roast beef and a smoked salmon.” He said to the waiter.

The waiter nodded, ignorant of Jay’s identity. His disguise surprisingly worked.

“Smoked salmon and roast beef. Very well.” He said, walking off.

My phone vibrated. It was a text from JJ.

“Are you really that busy? I really would like to take you somewhere.” It said.

I smiled. JJ. He did not forget me. But sadly, I wasn’t free. I was on a “date”.

“Thanks, but no thanks. Seems like work is getting a bit busy. I’ll be okay.” I texted.

“Alright impulsive gal. Just be safe and be sure to eat heartily.” JJ replied me.

I giggled at the final text.

“Your boyfriend?” Jay asked.

I tucked my phone away.

“Of course not!” I replied, glaring at him.

He laughed.

I turned back to my phone.

“Alright dimples boy. Goodnight.”

“Haha, that’s cute. Goodnight Zoey.” JJ replied.

I tucked my phone away.

Jay took out his papers and began sorting them.

“Are you able to fix this?” He asked, handing the pile over to me.

I took the papers from him and examined them. They were his designs and sketches of the building. As I expected, it was J-shaped and in a modern style. I took a look at the details of the exterior decorations. They were very nice but very complex. But I caught the flaws almost immediately. Something just didn’t seem right. The curve of the J reminded me of the Walt Disney Concert Hall designed by my favourite architect, Frank Gehry.

I looked into further detail. The flaw goes for the J building as well. It seemed to have been designed in a way that with materials used incorrectly, the rays of the sun can concentrate and create a laser. The heat concentrated could create a death zone due to the temperature of over a hundred degrees within the region. That wouldn’t do. There was also something wrong with the foundations. The calculations were absurd due to its complexity. The building would collapse during the built.

“This won’t do.” I said, shaking my head. “There are a lot of flaws within the blueprint. Who made these calculations?”

“Of course they won’t do. They’ve failed once. There can be a second time. I’m asking you if you can fix them.” He said.

“Of course.” I said.

His eyes narrowed. His glasses magnified his eyes, making him look different. He looked much more sophisticated and more of an executive. He looked almost, attractive.

“Are you sure?” He asked.

“Get straight to the point.” I shot out. He was getting on my nerves and yet, he still insisted on Themes Design.

“We began the construction sometime ago. The previous architect overlooked the details and the possible flaws within my design and said that everything would be fine. “Just leave it to me” he would say. Two days after construction, the beams collapsed. Luckily, no one was injured. The architect later resigned the contract stating that it was far too complex and was afraid for future troubles. If only he was to speak up earlier, things would not have gone wrong.” He began.

“An amount was wasted on the architect that could do nothing. But that wasn’t the biggest case. The problem was that other companies declined my offer saying that my design is too complex. I was just as insistent to them as I am to you because I do not wish to dwell on the matter for too long. Time is ticking and I wish to complete the matter as quickly as possible.

“Sorry to interrupt, but your orders are here.” The waiter said, bringing the two trays. “Here is your smoked salmon and the roast beef.”

I moved the papers away off to the side, allowing our meal to be served.

“Thank you.” Jay said to the waiter.

"No problem. Enjoy." The waiter said and left.

“Why can’t you change up the design? As architects, we would have to change things anyways.” I asked, going back to the conversation.

“I didn’t want to. But once I began to realize, time has already flown by so quickly.” He said. He dug into his food.

I began cutting my beef. I took a bite. Mmm. Not bad.

“So, are you able to do so?” He asked.

I took a look at the designs again. It was similar to my previous project. Most of the Shanghai Sibo buildings were personally designed by me. With the designs already present this time, it should be quite straightforward. Just alter that curve, recalculate the dimensions, adding a few support beams with the right materials… all could be done correctly if meticulous enough and with a slight modification, the original design wouldn’t be altered too much.

From my purse, I retrieve my pencil and sketch pad. I did a quick sketch of the original design.

“Here,” I said, showing him my plans. “If you just take away this chunk and change this curve. It can even be more improved if this area is taken down. Please avoid metallic materials, as they can enhance heat.”

“The previous architect and the ones you’ve asked for really are not aware of these possibilities.” I said. “If you cut up the building into different pieces and focus on one at a time, it would be much clearer. The design is very nice.”

“Thank you.” He said.

I nodded in acknowledgement. Of course.

I did most of the talking during the night, changing up details and doing calculations while I was at it. He listened quite well and not once did he interrupt me. When possible, he gave me a few plausible requests and opinions that can go well with the overall structure.

I came to find that in someway, he resembled JJ. I noticed his dimple on his cheek when he puts pressure on them. I noticed that he is quite down to earth, playful, confident and even easygoing. Was the arrogance and coldness just the exterior illusion? Strangely, my hatred for him dissipated. Did we just become friends? Gosh, the Casanova really is good with ladies.
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Re: Casanova
« Reply #31 on: September 08, 2013, 05:04:39 am »
Because of that dimple thing, I remember JJ's song called little dimples :)

Losing him was blue like I’d never known
Missing him was dark grey all alone
Forgetting him was like trying to know somebody you've never met
But lovin
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Re: Casanova
« Reply #32 on: January 06, 2014, 06:18:08 pm »
Thank you Chie, for your incredible fanfiction, “Director’s Love”. I think that it would be really interesting if I feature a fanfiction from an excellent writer. Chie, excuse me for using two of your characters and hopefully, enjoy this fused story. :)

Jay’s Diary 1:

I should have never left her alone. I couldn’t help myself. When one is in love, they are a fool. Love’s fool.

After I walked Sienna home, I went home. I was a bit worried about Mia and her sprained ankle. But strong Mia always found a way. She never wanted my help, and I felt guilty for not being able to do my part. After all, I am a man. Well, I wasn’t a man at that time, but in my years as an adolescent, I was to become one. I might as well have taken the role to practice for the future.

On my way to school the next day, I decided to pass by her house so we could walk to school together. I wanted to make it up to her, for leaving her alone the day before.

I knocked on her door. It took a while for the door to be answered. I was really anticipating on how Mia would be and how her ankle was. But instead of her answering the door, her grandmother did. She had a very solemn look on her face.

“Where’s Mia?” I asked.

The moment I mentioned her name, a tears rimmed around her eyes.

“Mia’s grandmother, what happened? Why are you shedding tears?” I asked worriedly.

“Hospital.” She croaked through her breaking voice.

“Hospital?!” I exclaimed.

That worried me a lot. Why was she at the hospital? Was her ankle really serious? Oh goodness, if only I walked her home…

“Is her ankle in critical condition?” I asked.

Her grandmother shook her head.

“Car accident.” She said.

My eyes widened. No. No. That couldn’t be. Car accident? No.

Guilt burned within me like fire. I hated myself at that moment. Why did I leave her alone with her sprained ankle? I took her for granted way too much. A person who is capable of protecting themselves still has that small percentage of a chance that they would get hurt. Mia happened to fall in this category of that tiny percentage. If only it was Mia I walked home with, she would be fine. If only.

“I couldn’t stay with her all night long. As you can see, her parents are worried about my health too so I came home early.

Car accident. Car accident. Car accident. The words rung in my head.

She touched my arm.

“As you can see, an old crippled woman cannot walk to the hospital alone. Do me a favour and go see her as soon as possible. I believe that Mia wish to see you too.”

Seconds later, I was running. I ran with all the energy I had in me towards the hospital that Mia’s grandmother told me. Forget school. I’ll make up time for it later.

“I’m looking for Mia Chen please.” I said the secretary lady in the front desk.

“Mia Chen” she flipped through the files on her desk. “Oh yes, she is in that room down the hall to the right.”

“Okay, thank you.” I said.

Please be alright, please be alright… I found myself praying.

I ran down the hall of what was directed to me. I peeked in the window of the room and recognized the lying figure immediately.

Opening the door, I ran towards my target and knelt down beside her. Mia’s parents were asleep on the sofa beside the bed.

Her appearance was too much to handle.

Mia’s head was bandaged, covering her beautiful locks of red hair. She was hooked up to all the complicated medicaments. Her face was dreadfully pale and her eye bags were extremely dark.

“Mia…” I whispered.

Mia’s eyes slowly opened. She shifted her head slowly towards me.

“Jay.” She croaked, giving me a half smile.

“Mia.” I returned her call. I wanted to stroke her face gently, but every move I made, I was afraid of hurting her. “I’m so sorry.”

Tears rimmed around my eyes and fell down my face. I couldn’t believe I was crying.  I wiped them away. No. a man should not cry. Their role is to protect their loved ones. I have lost that designation of a role. I couldn’t protect my best friend, who was with me through the hardest times. How could she have lost to a girl who was merely just an infatuation?

Mia reached towards my face with her weak hand to wipe away the excess tears. I grabbed onto her hand.

“It’s okay Jay.” She said. “It’s not your fault. It was mine. I was being too careless.”

“No.” I told her. “It’s not your fault. If I stayed by you, you would be fine. I’m sorry I was such a selfish fool.”

She cut me off by placing a finger on my lips.

“Shhhh…” She said. “Not too noisy.” 

I quieted down.

“I’m okay Jay. Right now, I’m just glad that you are here. When I get better soon, we can worry about the drama then.”

She managed to fully smile.

I took her hands again, not wanting to let go. I felt as if time stopped and it was only the two of us, living in that moment forever. It was that moment that I realized; the person I loved wasn’t Sienna. It was Mia.

“I’m suddenly so tired Jay. Allow me to sleep.”

I laid her hand down, but I still held onto it.

“I love you Jay.” She said, closing her eyes.

Those were her last words.

I could not forget about my best friend after all these years. After Mia died, I could not love anyone else. Girls came and left. My life became secluded. I became cold to people, seemingly arrogant and very much as a snobby Casanova. I was very keen about my reputation, because after the incident, I felt I could never forgive myself. I had to rebuild another reputation to drown away the past.

After my parents divorced, my life plunged to its lowest. My school marks were affected by it. There was no one I could turn to. My mother was so busy. I was caged in my own depression. When I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, I was ready to take away my life. But if it wasn’t for the magic of music, I would have taken away my life. I thank the magic of music and Jacky Wu for breaking away my shell, resuming my confidence, and becoming who I am today.


They always spoke of reincarnation, fate or an afterlife. I never really thought of it carefully until that day. I met her again at the Golden Melody Awards.

JJ knows about the incident. He too, shared a similar story, but his was much happier. He had been telling me stories of his best friend and how she moved away. A few days ago, he told me about uniting with her and how she was to be his special guest for the night of the awards. I felt happy for him, but I was dying on the inside. Still, I forced a smile on my face.

“She’ll be very happy to see that her best friend wins the award for the best mandarin artist for the night.” I said to him. Honestly, I too, believed that he would win. His voice is so diao! He does his R&B voice extremely smoothly, without a hint of crack. The way he projects his voice is so strong, confident, and clear. Sometimes, I wish to be like him.

My family and assistants went with me to the Golden Melody Awards. For the first time, my father appeared alongside with my mother. They looked rather friendly with one another. Why did they need to divorce?

My grandmother sat with father and mother, chatting away in their dialect.

“Jia you Jay! You can do it!” My crew cheered me.

“Good job Jay.” I heard a feminine voice. It was my friend Hannah. She had come to, along with her assistants, to support me. She sat a distance away from where we were to lower the suspicion of a J girl. But what is the use? The link of her and I were in the news for a very long time. If there is a distance between us from seating, it stirs the fact that we are trying to hide something. Whatever. I got used to this stuff.

 “Hey Jay, how’s it going?” I suddenly heard JJ’s voice across the room. I turned around and saw him walking towards me with a very pretty lady. She wore an evening dress in a colour of metallic indigo.

I could not take my eyes off her.

“Mia?” I whispered quietly to myself.

Her features and the ones of Mia resembled each other to a frightening extent. She had large eyes with long lashes, a well structured nose and a well defined mouth, just like Mia’s. On her right cheek, she has a mole that made her face easily distinguished from others. Mia had that mole in the exact place of the face. The only difference is the hair colour. Her hair is long, brown and elegantly layered. Mia’s was red and flaring, but rather messy. Strangely, I felt an urge to protect her and win her heart. I believe I was a little too submerged from the attraction. But of course, I could not show it.

How could this be Mia? I thought to myself. Mia is dead Jay. DEAD. Because of you.
“This is my special guest tonight. Zoey, meet Jay. Jay, meet Zoey.” JJ said, snapping me back to reality.

So this is his best friend that he had been telling me about. So this is the great architectural designer. The great Mia lookalike. I was really confused.

“Nice to meet you.” I said, while extending a hand.

She took it and we shook awkwardly. She then glared at me with her dark eyes, turning away from me.

She wasn’t interested in me, but rather annoyed. It wasn’t Mia.

The lights dimmed and we sat down to continue with the night’s ceremony.

It was quite the entertainment, with my good friend David Tao as the host for the night.

He began distributing out awards. There was the big one for the night. The Best Male Mandarin Artiste of the year. It was the one that JJ had been working so hard and looking forward to, the one that was to be his. I had a feeling that he would win.

“It’s going to be yours man.” I said to him, stealing glimpses off Zoey.

“No, no Jay, it’s you. It was always you and it will ever be you.” JJ said.

We argued over the fact until David spoke.

“This is the big one for the year.”

There was applause and a few whistles.

“The Best Male Mandarin Artiste Award.”

The applause died down and we all waited for the name call. Why was he so slow? I was getting nervous. I had to be right. The award was JJ’s.

David Tao pulled out an envelope and opened it. He drew out a tiny card that held the name of the winner for the night.

“Goes to...”


There was a pause. Please say another J, please say another J.

“Jay Chou!”

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Re: Casanova
« Reply #33 on: January 19, 2014, 07:06:28 am »

Sorry I took so long to catch up here.
Better late than never.

Loved Jay's diary.
Keep going!
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« Reply #34 on: March 10, 2014, 08:48:12 pm »

Jay’s Diary 2

It was me? I won? But, how could this be?

As I stood up, JJ did as well, congratulating me. He patted me on the back and gave me a quick hug.

“See? I told you it was you.” He said. His face seemed disappointed.

Nevertheless, I went up to the stage to retrieve my award. David shook my hand and praised me for the hard work and excellence.

“It was a really close competition between you and JJ. But good job. You won.” He said. 

From hearing those words and seeing JJ’s disappointed face, I felt embarrassed. I felt that I didn’t deserve the award.

“Thank you to all my believers out there for supporting me after so many years since debut. I thank my family, crew and friends for their praises and supports, allowing me to continue in this industry for so long.”

I paused between my speech.

“For tonight, I feel as if I took this award for granted.”

There was laughter in the audience. I didn’t know how to go on. I ended my speech there.

David came back in one last time to wish us all a good night and keep up the work for future endeavours. The crowd began to part.

I went to my family and crew. They all congratulated me and together, we head out for celebration.

“Him?! Him again?!” I heard someone shout in the background. I turned to see that it was Zoey, JJ’s friend. Hearing the words coming from her mouth made me feel horrible. I really didn’t deserve the award.

As we got to the exit, I heard a buzzing noise in the background.

“Oh!” Someone exclaimed.

I turned to look. It was Zoey again. Someone had spilt water on her.

“I am so sorry.” the man who accidentally spilled the water apologized. He dug into his pockets and pulled out his handkerchief.

JJ came from behind.

“It’s okay; I’ll take it from here.” I heard him say. He grabbed Zoey’s arm and walked away.

There was a pang of jealousy and disappointment. 

“Jay?” I heard Ah Du call.

“Huh? Oh, sorry.”

I snapped out of the trance and back to reality. I walked with them to the restaurant of our celebration.

I had a concert the next day so we had to return early to our hotel.

In my suite, I heard a knock on my door. It was Yannick.

“Jay, have you seen Darren?” Yannick asked me. “He left and never came back.”

I remembered that Darren said he wanted to go for a walk and some fresh air since he wasn’t feeling too well after he ate. I was a bit worried for him and so, I decided to go look for him.

The elevator doors dinged opened and I saw a man, harassing someone. I was a bit stunned. Nevertheless, I had to help out whoever was being harassed.

“Let. Go. Of. Her.” I said.

The attacker did not seem to hear me. Without thinking, I stroke.

The man fell down in front of me.

I kicked him to face me. The face shocked me.

“Darren?!” I called out.

I could smell alcohol in the air. He drank too much.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. I’ve been looking for you. Look at you, drunk like this. It’s a good thing that I caught you by chance. Are you trying to get me into trouble?”

He looked up at the person who was being attacked. No. it couldn’t be. It was Zoey.

“I’m so sorry miss. Are you alright?” I asked.

She was really angry.

She kicked Darren away from the elevator. The doors began to close.

“Hey, miss! Are you hurt?” I called out. “I apologize-”

The door shut between us and the elevator went up.

Aish… Why did this happen? Anything I happen to do, she appears and it was always a bad time.
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« Reply #35 on: June 18, 2014, 08:02:21 pm »
Jay’s Diary 3

The first thing that I notice on a person is their eyes. To me, they are the most powerful objects in the world. They speak through the sparks and intensity that looks back at you.

I could not stop thinking about Zoey. That familiar mole and those large eyes that gently fall upon whatever she looks at…
After my concert, I was to go back to Taiwan to star as a guest in Dee Hsu’s talk show. That woman seriously gets on my nerves. Her witty replies and rude comments seem rather amusing to the audience, but she doesn’t know how much it can hurt. She kept digging into my private life, asking about the relationship between Hannah and me.

“With my busy schedule, I seriously don’t have time for dating.” I said, annoyed.

“Uh-huh…” Dee said, rolling her eyes and smiling at me smugly. “So, have you guys kissed yet?”

My palms went up to my face. I changed the subject quickly.

“I still have to manage my J building.” I blurted out.

“J building? Oh, do elaborate. Will your future wife be living with you?” She winked, indicating Hannah. I rolled my eyes.

I tried my best to turn away from the relationship subject and onto my future ideas of the J building. I haven’t started yet, but after discussing with the most annoying person in the world, I was suddenly inspired to go and complete it.

“When are you planning to start the project?” Kevin Tsai asked.

“Soon.” I said, even though I was unsure deep down.

After the talk show, I went back to JVR. Along the way, something clicked.

“Aside from being my guest for tonight, she also works as a designer…” I heard JJ’s voice in my head. Designer. An architecture designer. Perfect.

I began my research on her after that. It turned out that she was pretty well known by her creation. THEMES DESIGN CORP. was her company. 

I scrolled down for further information. A lot was on the success and works by the company.

Chief architecture designer successfully completes the Shanghai Shibo buildings. Read the headlines. I clicked on the link.

The 2010 Shanghai Shibo Expo is one of the city’s most dedicated events, and also the most anticipated. Over two hundred buildings of cultural representation have been built. Designers from all over the world have previously gathered to celebrate the best and most appreciated work. 

I kept scrolling down. Something caught my eye.

Zoey Tian, winner of most creative designer of the Shibo Expo architectures.

Zoey Tian… Zoey… It must be her.

Immediately, I telephoned the company for changes that could be made. It was a long distance call too.

“Hello? This is Themes Design Corp. architecture design studio headquarters, how may I help you?”

Oh darn it! The reception was an English speaker!

I looked at the address of the website.

Well, of course.

“I have heard about the various projects and success that were achieved by this company. As an overseas music company, I am interested in investing for…”

I tried my best to communicate with the receptionist, booking times and of course, finding Zoey.

It took awhile for us to get across information and to cooperate with Zoey’s schedule. She was always on the run. When all was settled, I would just have to wait for Zoey’s presence.
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« Reply #36 on: June 18, 2014, 08:40:29 pm »
Jay’s Diary 4

“President Chou.” My secretary called. “Your guest is here.”

Already? Ok. Ok. Calm down. Just apologize and ask her about the company. Wait no.

I paced around my office. I tried to think up what I should do when I meet her. But it got nowhere. Eventually, I picked up the faint footsteps echoing in the hallway. As the footsteps got louder, my heart pounded faster. I took a few deep breaths and straightened myself. I had to keep my posture and coolness as the head executive. I turned to face the window.

There was a knock.

“Ahem…Um… Mr. Executive?”

I froze.

“My name is Zoey and I am the head architect from Theme Design Corp. I heard that you have a proposal for a building.”

Of course I know you’re Zoey. I planned this whole thing.

Still, I kept my posture.

“I would like to hear your ideas on-”

“Let’s not speak of that for now.” I cut her off.

The sudden burst of adrenaline lead to me turning around and facing Zoey.

The moment she saw me, her face grew red. Was she still angry about the incident at the hotel that night?

I was about to apologize, but she shot me a dirty look.

“Then what would you want to discuss about?” She snapped.

Her angry face resembled so much of Mia. It was impossible for me to continue the conversation with an angry version of Mia. I examined her face and walked towards her.

“Mr. Executive, if this is a joke; we can end this collaboration at the moment. My company and I are busy people and have no time to speak about nonsense.” She said.

“When did I say that we are to chat?” I asked.

“Listen,” I sighed, “about the other night at the hotel after the awards ceremony, I am sincerely sorry. I take in the position of my friend today to apologize to you about anything he has done to cause any kind of harassment, due to his drunkenness. He is not here today to apologize to you himself unfortunately, but even if he is, he wouldn’t remember anything. Were you hurt in anyway?”

I felt so awkward saying that. Zoey remained her angry face.

“You can quit faking and end this nonsense. The collaboration finishes here. I’m leaving.” She spat.

I was serious!

“Miss, I am truly sorry and I would like to start afresh. I would really like to continue this collaboration.” I called to her.

I spun her around and took her by her arm to stop her from going. Somehow, our eyes locked.

In that position, I could study her features. Her large brown eyes shone under the afternoon sun. Her makeup was done really well and it complemented her face. Her long wavy hair gave her face a nice frame and rested gently on her shoulders. Her nose, her mouth, and her mole on her right cheek… They looked so darn familiar. They resembled Mia’s so well.

“I’m leaving.” She said suddenly and left my office.

“Miss-” I called after her. Something fell and rolled on the floor. I picked it up and ran after her.

The elevator doors dinged open and Zoey was already in it. Within seconds, the doors closed between us.

I stood there like a fool, holding onto Zoey’s belonging. I examined it to see what it was. It was an inhaler. Zoey has asthma. She definitely couldn’t go for long without it. It meant that we would be meeting again.
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Re: Casanova
« Reply #37 on: June 20, 2014, 04:03:20 pm »
Jay’s Diary 5

The accumulating clouds from the earlier hours gave in and fell heavily down as raindrops.

“Everyone may be dismissed early for today before it gets harder to travel.” said the director of the photo shoot. He looked out the window. “The downpour may be awhile.”

Packing up my items, I waved goodbye to the crew and head towards the parking lot.

I went by myself that day for my photo shoot. It was another session for the upcoming GQ magazine for the most welcoming artist of the year. Ah Du wanted to accompany me with a few of the JVR crew but I declined. All I could think about was Zoey and her shocking resemblance to Mia. It was making me dreadfully confused.

For a dead person, they can never come back alive. I also understood the fact that there are many lookalikes of a person in the world. But never one so similar, I’m mistaking one as the other.

Jay, pull yourself together. This is ridiculous. It was Zoey who stormed out of the office as if she hated you. She was so rude to you. Why bother yourself with all this? And the darn investment?

I closed the door and started the engine. Shortly, I was out on the road. Water smeared the car window and the windshield wipers were going crazy.

Ahead of me on the side of the road, I saw a young woman walking by herself in the howling storm. I shook my head thinking what in the world she was doing. Her clothing and motion looked awfully familiar…

Suddenly, I caught a glimpse of a man snatching her purse. Feeling the urge to help her, I sped on my car and chased after the thief.

My car screeched to a stop around the corner. I jumped out of my car as soon as it was parked and ran after the man with the purse.

In seconds, the purse was back in my hands and I was running towards my car. I drove quickly back to where the incident happened earlier, hoping that the young lady was still there. Sure enough, she was. She was a mess, sprawled on the ground and her body drenched from the storm. I wasn’t looking any better either. 

I got out of my car and walked towards her, returning her purse.

She snatched the purse angrily and glared at me. It was Zoey and she was angry. Whatever for? I helped her didn’t I? At least be a tad bit thankful?

She turned around in the other direction and walked away. Rude much? I sacrificed my image as an idol to beat up a thief and retrieve a darn purse! A random man with a camera could have jumped out anytime, snapped some photos and make it to the front page the next day. Thankfully, no one was out on the road at that moment.

Within seconds, she was down on the ground again. Yes, I may be an idol pop star with so many paparazzi after me, but my morals took over. Seeing Zoey collapsed on the ground reminded me of Mia’s accident. I could imagine her on the floor, limp and almost lifeless…

Grabbing her arm, I pulled her up and dragged her to my car.

“Get in.” I said.


“Are you stupid?” I shouted as I drove. “How could you do this to yourself, walking so blindly and carelessly alone out in this weather?”

I was darn furious at myself. One for being stupid and exposing myself for potential paparazzi to snap pictures of and two, for being an idiot of spending so much time thinking about someone who resembled someone else, helping that person and being yelled at and rejected. But the anger at myself turned into words of concern for Zoey. It was that resemblance that made me warm up and care.

“And as for your belongings, did you not think of your safety before pouncing back on your attacker? What if they have a weapon?”

My heart was thumping crazily.

“If it not for me, I don’t know what would happen to you.”

“Why do you care about my safety?” she asked.

I cut off my words. Did I sound like an overly attached boyfriend? Zoey made it clear that she didn’t want anything to do with me and there I was, trying to get her to like me. I kept my Chou composure.

“Stop the car then.” She said.

I ignored her. There was no way she was getting out at that moment.

“Stop the car!” she said, this time louder.

I continued to ignore. Instead, I reached to my phone and dialled back to JVR.

“Both hands on the wheel if you’re not going to stop then!” she yelled, hitting my arm, causing the steering wheel to move the wrong way.

“Aish! Don’t touch the driver! It’s dangerous!” I returned her exclaim. 

Nini answered my call and I asked her to prepare some dry towels and some clothes. She asked me why.

“A guest happened to encounter something unfortunate.” I answered. I put away my phone. 

Shortly, we returned to the studio. 

“We have some unfinished business here.” I said.

Opening the door, I got out.

“Now you can get out.” I said, holding the door open.

Nini was waiting for us at the lobby, with the supplies I told her to prepare.

“Thanks Nini. Make sure that the girl stays. I’ll be back soon.” I walked off.

I showered quickly and changed into something dry. Then, I prepared a hot drink and head back to my office.

I stared outside the window and watched the rain fall. Thinking over what happened earlier, I questioned my rash acts.

Moments later, Zoey stepped into the room without knocking. This girl seriously, drove me insane.

I turned around to greet her and gestured her to sit. I then nodded to the mug, asking her to drink up as I picked up mine.

Zoey changed into something dry and looked less like a drowned rat. Even in those simple clothing, she looked remarkably attractive.

I snapped out of the trance and reached into my desk, fishing out the inhaler. Perfect excuse to meet her.

“You dropped this earlier in the day. I tried to return it to you.” I said coolly.

Zoey’s face pinked. She grabbed her inhaler and threw it into her purse.
“So, the contract is still there?” she asked quietly.

“Well, we can’t stop since we already began the foundations and your boss has already given us some orders.” I answered coolly.

Contract? I forgot all about it! All this time, I was trying to understand Zoey. Well, whatever. It wouldn’t hurt to tease her a bit.

“However… it could have been cancelled if we weren’t so hasty. Or shall I say, if I weren’t so hasty. Due to unwanted or unpleasant attitudes of the designer, I can’t tolerate such nonsense.”

I smirked.

“Now we don’t owe each other anything. Seeing that you’ve accepted this offer, it seems like you’ve accepted my apology. No, more like the apology of someone else that made me the messenger. Image is very important to me.”

“I am aware of that.” She said, with her face still the shades of pink.

I then heard a low grumbling sound. It came from Zoey. It was too cute.

“Hungry? We’ll go eat then. By chance, we can speak of the business there.” I got up.

The stormed died down and was raining gently. Moments later, we were back on the streets of Taipei.

“You’re quite a good driver.” She said suddenly.

“Oh, miss bad temper girl is now speaking to me in a courteous way. I must be grateful.” I said, teasing her.

She glared at me.

“After years of escaping dogs, I guess the training has improved. Those dogs, always making up ridiculous gossips of some J-girl.” I said, shaking my head as I recalled the past ridiculous news.

“So, those girls weren’t your girlfriends?” she asked.

Was that jealously in her voice? Was the cold Zoey warming up to me already? My heart was thumping in my chest again.

I wasn’t certain what Zoey was feeling or thinking when she asked me that question. But I was certain that I have fallen for her.
Life is a Self Directed and Acted Creation.

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Re: Casanova
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XI: Operation Construction

Strangely, after all the years of hatred, the ice in my heart began to melt. I decided to forgive Jay eventually. It would be difficult to collaborate if I held the grudge longer.

Two weeks after the confirmation of our collaboration, the prototype of the J building was out. We had to begin the real project.

Fences closed out the construction site for safety purposes. A few beams were still loosely holding on parts of what was built. They must have gotten worse after the storm a few weeks ago and need to be removed as soon as possible. I got passed the fences and Jay followed me closely behind.

I strolled along the site and examined the foundations. I did a few mental calculations and took out my sketch pad to make a note.

“So, what are the plans?” Jay asked me.

“From looking at the structure, everything needs to be taken down and rebuilt. The storm from earlier loosened many of the beams and eventually, this place would collapse by itself.”

It took the workers no time to take everything apart. The rebuilding process was a bit more complicated. With my reshaping and taking the whole down into parts, the workers were able to understand and follow along.

“Please refrain from using metals for the exterior.” I reminded them several times. The fact of the sun rays concentrating and creating a danger zone seemed rather ridiculous, but it did happen.

Slowly, the J shape began to take place. By passers would often stop and admire the construction process. Several fan groups gathered around the site and take endless photos.

“Oh my goodness! My Chou Chou really does keep his word! Look, the J shape of his ideal building is almost done!” I heard them call out.

“He is so well rounded and talented!” Another squealed.

“My future husband is really something.”

The commotion kept going, creating a buzz and distraction. Suddenly, one of the workers fell from the ladder. I ran up to him.

“Oh dear, is anything broken?” then, I saw blood oozing out from his left leg. Whipping out my phone, I proceeded to dial the emergency number.

The ambulance arrived shortly after and took the worker away to the hospital. The crowd in front of the construction site grew larger with some people wondering what was going on.

“I’m sorry everyone, but please refrain coming into this area until construction is finished.” I had to shoo them away. The crowd slowly parted. The last few that left were unmistakably Jay’s fans. They stared at me questioningly.

“Who is that woman?” I heard one of the girls whisper.

“I don’t know. But she’s awfully pretty. Do you think Chou Chou got himself a girl-”

“Don’t be silly. He would never fall for a construction person.” 

I rolled my eyes.

“Come on girls, this place is dangerous. Go somewhere else.”

They glared at me and left. I sighed heavily and went back to the site.
Life is a Self Directed and Acted Creation.