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Author Topic: [26/10/2013] Nicholas Tse's first love film in 10 years, "A Whole Lifetime" with Gao Yuanyuan  (Read 2147 times)

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Nicholas Tse's look in new love film

Nicholas Tse and Mainland China female star Gao Yuanyuan are starring in EMP's new movie "A Whole Lifetime", a simple love movie spanning 30 years, from Beijing, New York to Hong Kong, it's Nic's first love film in 10 years.

In order for the two to match the pure and simple image of that era, they wore denim jeans and top and took some profile shots, Nic and Yuanyuan are full of anticipation for the new movie, it's said that Yuanyuan was already moved when she read the script, the director Xian Zou praised Nic and Yuanyuan for creating chemistry for their collaboration this time.
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