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Author Topic: [23/11/2013] Rumours about Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse meeting secretly, fortune teller: great chance  (Read 2621 times)

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Source: Sina

According to Taiwanese "UDN", from avoiding talk about "Feng Faye relationship" to stating Faye Wong was the "love of his life", 2 years after Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung divorced, he still can't forget his old love Faye Wong, up until Faye Wong became single again recently, Nicholas Tse was asked again about reuniting with Faye Wong, he said repeatedly "want, want, want", this made the outside world curious about whether they would continue their fate together. In recent days, Faye Wong has settled down in Hong Kong, it has been rumoured that she has been secretly meeting with Nicholas Tse, a Hong Kong fortune teller has said the chance of the two getting back together is high.

After Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung divorced, even though they both have custody of their sons, but Nicholas Tse has been busy running his business, filming movies, raising the children has always been put on Cecilia Cheung, but the two are still friends, the four of them often enjoy family get togethers, but in recent days Cecilia Cheung has been taking her sons all around the place, she has neglected their education, Nicholas Tse once said to this "he will deal with it", the "Feng Zi" relationship became bad.

After going around in circle, Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong have become single again, a few days ago netizens encouraged "Feng Faye" to get back together, Hong Kong media revealed the two reunited, Faye Wong visited Nicholas Tse in Hong Kong, will it end happily?
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