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Author Topic: [26/11/2013] Nicholas Tse sings again after 4 year hiatus  (Read 2444 times)

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[26/11/2013] Nicholas Tse sings again after 4 year hiatus
« on: November 25, 2013, 05:38:31 pm »
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Source: ifeng

Nicholas Tse and Super Boy second place Ou Hao

"As The Light Goes Out", directed by Derek Kwok, starring Nicholas Tse, Shawn Yue, Hu Jun, Simon Yam will be coming out this year during New Year's festival. In recent days the film company released the recording highlights of the theme song "Love Is The Greatest", in the highlights, Nicholas Tse sings again after a 4 year hiatus, he fulfilled his promise and invited this year's "Super Boy" second place Ou Hao to work together.

At the end of September, after the "Super Boy" competition came to an end, during one of the last judging scenes, Nicholas Tse said to Ou Hao, who always worked hard: "Before I said I wanted to write you a song, now the song is finished, it's the theme song to my movie, just waiting for you to sing it." 3 months later, this promise came true, highlights of the two recording the song "Love Is The Greatest" for the movie "As The Lights Goes Out" were revealed for the first time in recent days. Since releasing the album "Last" in 2009, Nicholas Tse has focused on the silver screen, it seemed like that was his last piece of musical work, now after a 4 year hiatus there is finally this song "Love Is The Greatest". According to reports, Nicholas Tse personally wrote and performed this song, there are two versions, one in Cantonese and another in Mandarin, the Cantonese version is being performed by well known Hong Kong group "24herbs", the Mandarin version is performed by this year's "Super Boy" second place Ou Hao. In the revealed highlights, Nicholas Tse seemed close, when Ou Hao was recording, Nicholas Tse stayed outside the recording studio, tapping along with the music rhythm, he even tweaked the lyrics there and then.

According to reports, Nicholas Tse has been writing "Love Is The Greatest" for over 2 years, originally he planned to perform it at his own concert, later because he accepted to be in "As The Light Goes Out", he felt the topic of this song matched "As The Lights Goes Out", so he decided to offer up the song to be the theme song.
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Re: [26/11/2013] Nicholas Tse sings again after 4 year hiatus
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2013, 12:52:59 am »
Can't wait to hear it!  :eusa_clap: