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Author Topic: [29/04/2014] Nicholas Tse "returns" to music industry with band look  (Read 2704 times)

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Nicholas Tse's band look in new MV

Nicholas Tse's rebellious band look when he first debuted is deeply ingrained in people's hearts, he once smashed a guitar on stage, even though in recent years Nic has withdrawn from the music industry and focussed his battles on the film industry but his passion for music in his heart has never changed.

A few days ago he filmed an MV at Tuen Mun, Nic returned to his old band look, he went on with a studded top showing off his toned arm, he exploded on to the set bearing a guitar on his back. Under the hot sun, Nic was very professional and followed the director's guidance, he jumped around and ran with the guitar but he never became breathless, when he put on the chok pose with the guitar, it was all too familiar to him.

According to reports, Nic became the spokesperson for a Mainland China online game for an 8 digit sum, he also wrote a theme song for this game, on the day he was filming the MV for this theme song. In order to film the first MV of Nic's "return" to the music industry, the game company especially invited the famed director Huang Zhong Ping, who has filmed MVs for Mayday, Jay Chou, Jacky Cheung, Faye Wong and many more, Nic also got his juniors from his company, the band CLoser to "come together" and form a band in the MV, other than giving the live band effect, it can also satisfy Nic's craving jamming in a band, two birds with one stone.

In order to match the theme of the game, Nic will carry a firearm, in the MV he will become a "marksmen god" killing enemies, according to reports, Nic will fly to South Korea and film a commercial with goddess Jun Ji-hyun, the company are placing a lot of importance on Nic and Jun Ji-hyun's collaboration.
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