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Author Topic: [29/04/2014] Ronald Ng asks how many guitars he's smashed, Nic: just 6  (Read 1698 times)

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Nicholas Tse performs at Ronald Ng's concert

Nic appeared at the Hong Kong Coliseum as the final guest of "Ronald Ng's Imagine nation concert 56x live 2014", he wore an open shirt with black trousers and leather shoes, Nic came up from the centre of the stage, causing a climax. he sang his hit song "Wordless Expression", during which he constantly stuck his hands in his pocket, putting on a chok pose, after he finished singing "Love After Life" he said: "The last time I came onstage was when I gave Eason Chan a surprise at his show, I feel embarrassed, it's already been officially 14 years since I held a concert in the Hong Kong Coliseum." Ronald Ng said: "How many guitars have you smashed?" Nic smiled saying: "Just 6, anyway....congratulations!" Afterwhich he turned to the late "father of concerts" Zhang Yao Rong in respect: "Thank you uncle Yao Rong!" Next he sang the last song of the concert "Have To Leave", he walked closer to the audience as he sang, he waved at fans and shook hands, due to the fact many fans rushed to the front of the stage, Nic said: "Be careful."
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