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Author Topic: [18/08/2014] Jay Chou to push male group, new album delayed  (Read 4658 times)

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Re: [18/08/2014] Jay Chou to push male group, new album delayed
« Reply #15 on: September 17, 2014, 01:23:04 pm »
Pushed back to December now. I don't think we will see it this year, been pushed back since July. It will be 2 years since Opus if he releases it in December.
Actually it's been pushed back since April. I don't think he realizes how much he's being a dick to his fans right now. If it's delayed because he needs more time to finish it, then I understand that, but if he delayed it because he needs time to plan his wedding, then that makes him a dick, after he promised us that his new album was the first priority. I'm starting to hate what he's becoming. I wonder if he really even cares about music anymore or if he just does it to make more money and keep his fanbase. If this album  isn't all kinds of awesome then I'm not gonna consider him an artist anymore. I'd finally say that Jay Chou( at least the musical genius that we once loved) is dead.

He has time for crap like starting boybands that no one will ever like, going on shows in China, attending promotional events for useless stuff like antivirus softwares and no time to make an album that is a year late.

The musical genius has been dormant for years now, I don't think it's gona wake up. Most likely not this album. This is from the other article Kelvin just posted up: "I hope I can get it out to everyone as soon as possible, but I can only let people hear it when it's good. The new album has a lot of variety in terms of themes, the style is a bit of a Chou humour feel.""

OMFG, more "happy" humour songs like Sailor, Cowboy, Eunuch, Ukele, Princess Syndrome...we're going to be in a for a big dissapointment.

Did we have ANY of these songs in the old GREAT albums ?? Nop we had themes of war, kungfu, sad love stories.

When will he farken realise ?? Probably never, with his marriage and him feeling old..

Well at least you can listen to my music until he releases something good. lol. It's not completed but here's a composition I've been working on.

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Re: [18/08/2014] Jay Chou to push male group, new album delayed
« Reply #16 on: September 28, 2014, 11:13:40 pm »
Released in Oct/Nov but the result is bad, or released in December but the result is good.
It is just a technique when he release the new album right now, so the waves of album it self will defeated by his wedding party. So, everybody will focus on his wedding.

But would you think more deep than that? When he released new album in Dec then the wedding party in Jan so the waves both of all would be more balance. In wedding party he can promote his new album, or the wedding's concept will use his new album as the theme! Sound good to think positive I all of you are the real Jay Chou's fans! I think everybody know if Jay was genius in music, bussines, intellegent, ect.

Hold my word! Look forward too for the November Concert!! Look what he'll do, which possibly the concert there will use as the DVD OPUS 2014 Concert! Be smart! :happy-lolabove:
Always think positivie - Joe.-