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Author Topic: [16/09/2014] Jay Chou: new album comes first then marriage  (Read 1225 times)

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[16/09/2014] Jay Chou: new album comes first then marriage
« on: September 16, 2014, 04:44:43 pm »
Translator: Ho (http://jaychoustudio.com)
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A few days ago, Jay Chou attended an event in Shanghai, faced with the media's questions about his wedding day, Jay Chou said smiling: "I've always said I hope to settle down before I'm 36, but now the new album takes priority, my album has been delayed again and again, but the wedding cannot be delayed."

Since debutting, Jay Chou has maintained a rate of one album per year, however, in 2013 he did not have any new work. Talking about the preparation of his new album, Jay Chou stated: "I hope it comes out on time, it might change to December. I hope I can get it out to everyone as soon as possible, but I can only let people hear it when it's good. The new album has a lot of variety in terms of themes, the style is a bit of a Chou humour feel." A few days ago, when Jay Chou attended an event, he wore a ring on his middle and ring finger, people at the venue guessed it might be a engagement ring. But, when Jay Chou attended the event that day, he had no rings on his fingers. Some of the media asked if he didn't wear the engagement ring because he was scared of the fans being unhappy, Jay Chou stated: "That day the ring was arranged by the stylist, I wore 3 to 4 that day, today he didn't prepare any for me, so I haven't got any on today." Jay Chou has always placed work at the top now the media asked him about the progress of his wedding day, he smiled saying: "I've always said I wanted to settle down before I was 36, that is to have the wedding before 18th of January next year. But now the album comes first, the album has been delayed and delayed, the wedding cannot be delayed."

According to reports, Jay Chou's girlfriend Hannah yesterday attended an event in the afternoon, she was asked about why she was getting married so young? Hannah stated: "Because I've met a very good person." The "soon-to-be Mrs Chou" was asked if she was sending an invitation to Jolin Tsai to the wedding, she said: "I can but we haven't discussed this far into it yet."