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Author Topic: [22/10/2014] Jay Chou finishes recording fans want to see the wedding photos more  (Read 1099 times)

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Source: UDN

Jay Chou finished recording album

Jay Chou's 13th album was delayed till winter from spring, finally it was confirmed from partner Vincent Fang's mouth, yesterday morning he had already completed recording, Jay Chou is going to release a new album in December, moreover the track list is over the originally planned 10 songs, he guaranteed the delay was worth it, but the netizens one after another stated, they wanted to see Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan's wedding photos even more.

Jay Chou's music has always been creative, before he revealed he finished writing two songs, one is about friendship in high school, getting keys to a scooter and riding around Yangmingshan with female friends, another song is "What Kind of Man are You?", after he loosened his mouth about marrying Hannah, has he increased the number of songs about men before marriage, at present we do not know, but, from his trip with Hannah to Europe, getting creative inspiration from the classic journey to conquering his fear of water by going surfing, he can record all these feelings in the new album.

Last week, Jay Chou returned to Taiwan from Europe after taking his wedding photos, he immediately began recording the new album, he also started filming the MVs, his good friend make up artist Funky Tu even played with his prop glasses, it seems they haven't forgotten to have fun during work, it matches Jay Chou's "a child at heart" personality, from the glasses on display on the table, you can see Jay Chou will be trying a different fashion to the past, it has a bit of Lady GaGa weird style to it.

In November, Jay Chou will be busy with "Opus 2" tour, he will only have a short period of rest at the start of the month, but with his workaholic disposition, he will continue filming MVs, there's a chance his wedding with Hannah might fall in December or during Christmas.
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