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Author Topic: [13/11/2014] Jay Chou invites Ariel Lin to film MV  (Read 1004 times)

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[13/11/2014] Jay Chou invites Ariel Lin to film MV
« on: November 13, 2014, 05:15:04 pm »
Translator: Ho (http://jaychoustudio.com)
Source: UDN

Jay Chou and Ariel Lin filmed a commercial together years ago

Before he heads off to Hollywood to film the new movie "Now You See Me 2", Jay Chou is busy filming the MVs for his new songs in his 13th album coming out at the end of December, yesterday night he booked the restaurant in the east district, he invited Ariel Lin, who he worked with on "Nun-Chuks" 13 years ago and Darren to star in the MV, perhaps it was because the media are focused on Jolin Tsai and Namie Amuro's collaboration, Jay Chou spent the day running around Taipei and no one noticed.

"The Double J legend" is a classic in the industry, Jolin Tsai invited Carina Lau and Namie Amuro to work with her on her new album, Jay Chou has gone the low key route, on his last days as a bachelor before his wedding in January next year he has invited Ariel Lin, who just got engaged to star in the MV, the collaboration of two soon to be married people does not lose out to Jolin Tsai in terms of talking points.

In the restaurant, Jay Chou was both the MV director and cast member, he asked Ariel Lin to sit in the corner of the restaurant alone, acting a deep scene, Darren from idol drama "A Good Wife" guest starred, there were also a group of foreign models acting as waitresses, seems like the set is a european vibe.

In order to prevent the MV being revealed, the restaurant was covered with a black cloth outside, there were also 3 to 4 people standing guard to stop anyone peeking, the staff all had to be quick coming in and out, they were all skilled in keeping things under wrap. Even though Jay Chou has been so careful, but the small monitor outside the set accidentally revealed part of the MV, Jay Chou had inspiration but because there wasn't enough time to prepare, the crew wrapped up early, Ariel Lin left on her own after she finished her part.

13 years ago, Jay Chou and Ariel Lin was in "Nun-Chuks", there was only one scene where they held hands, now they are working together again, Ariel Lin is already a Golden Bell Award-winning actress, Jay Chou has also made the jump to Hollywood star, add to that Darren who has been standing out recently in dramas, it is obvious Jay Chou's desire to use a bit of Darren pulling power. Talking about the MV, JVR Music stated, the contents of the MV are a secret, please look forward to it.

Jay Chou has been very secretive about his album and his marriage, he's only now willing to talk after the news of him accepting a role in "Now You See Me 2". The interesting thing is, at the time when Jay Chou was filming "The Green Hornet" in America, he once filmed a Mainland China commercial with Ariel Lin right there, now he's taken on "Now You Seem Me 2", he's once again filming an MV with Ariel Lin, the two have a deep connection with Hollywood.

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Re: [13/11/2014] Jay Chou invites Ariel Lin to film MV
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2014, 12:40:37 am »
Hope he dosn't rush things because he's going to America and his wedding..

Should be alright though if he's filming MV means songs should all be done.

At least the set looks "plain/normal" not a cowboy/sailor/vampire or something like that.