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Author Topic: [21/11/2014] Director Chou's "Listen To Father's Words" reveal how Hannah's father was once against  (Read 1531 times)

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Source: Chinatimes

Hannah at Jay's concertJay Chou holds concert in Hong Kong

Jay Chou held the "Opus 2" concert in Hong Kong on the 20th, he is releasing an album next month, the night before yesterday he revealed two new songs at the concert for fans, one of them is called after fathers "Listen To Father's Words", it's actually a love song, the lyrics "You listen to your father's words, he says I'm bad", this reveals that during the start of their relationship, her father was against them, he persisted to reap the rewards.

He and Hannah are 14 years apart, they met 4 years ago, she was just 17, not an adult yet, Hannah's father worry is understandable, he worked hard with actions to show his sincerity and wait for her to grow up; in his lyrics he writes, "I listened to mother's words, she wants me to never give up easily, if you still like me, let me get you back", you can tell how important his mother is to him. But JVR Music stated: "Normally he doesn't not describe his own story when writing songs."

His "Listen To Mother's Words" was a hit across the entertainment industry, his new song "Listen To Father's Words" expresses the similar importance placed on fathers; in the past he named an album after his mother "Ye Hui Mei", he didn't forget to call the main song "In The Name Of The Father", he balances his love for both his parents. The night before yesterday he performed the fast song "Yangmingshan", it's about his friendships when he went to Yangmingshan for the first time when he was a student, he experienced playing pick the key but picked a boy's own part.

He added another 6 nights to the concert because of the sell out, he will soon be a husband and shared his joy: "Everyone listening to my songs will be happy." During which some male fans shouted "I love you", he smiled saying: "I heard the boy say I love you, I'm touched." Yesterday Hannah was also there to support her boyfriend.
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