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Author Topic: [18/11/2014] Diao! Director Chou proudly says: I won't rely on CDs to make money  (Read 1367 times)

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Translator: Ho (
Source: Chinatimes

Jay Chou is releasing an album in December, on the 14th he revealed his new song's MV on the Mr.J Taiwanese official blog, in 4 hours over 10,000 fans had pressed liked, the 18 second preview is called "CUG", netizens asked: "Is CUG Journey To The West?" Sharp-eyed netizens saw that the guy pretending to be a woman is Ken, thus solving the mystery of "CUG", he is helping Ken, Xiao Mai, Ice Cream form a male group.

Director Chou is keen to promote his friends, last year he suggested Ken, Xiao Mai and Ice Cream form a group "CUG" to release an album, he will help them write songs and help them promote their new album. Due to Ken posting on Facebook the night before: "Finally it's out." sharing the MV and so the puzzle was solved. JVR Music yesterday said "You will find out at the time, please look forward to it", they hyped it.

Director Chou is holding a concert in Malaysia on the 14th and 15th, his good friend Devon will be the guest, Devon and Frank wrote the song "Japanese Era" for the movie "Replace", they won the Outstanding Movie Theme Song award at the IndieFEST in America. Director Chou said at the concert the night before: "I wrote 12 songs for the new album, it will be out next month, you just have to listen to it, you don't have to buy it, because I'm not relying on it to make money." All the fans there were full of laughter.

His words made netizens say "So swag"! Some netizens think he's concerned about fans spending money so they said "I'll buy it no matter", "How can I not buy it", JVR Music yesterday hurried tried to save the situation, explaining: "Director Chou was joking, he is announcing his new album is coming out, he wants the fans to focus on his music and listen to his songs." Actually Director Chou is not wrong, in terms of the current record market, record sales are no longer an artist's main income, this year he did 7 commercials and 21 concerts, raking in 6 hundred billion and 17 million 45 hundred thousand, he's not making money through selling CDs.
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He's quite right about the album sales not being a main source of income any more.
It also shows his versatility and pulling power which he has built up over the years, in being able to parlay that into other areas and opportunities.
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Anyone got the link to the song "Japenese Era" ?

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Maybe Jay read this website when arround three months ago one of us stated that he wan't bought his albums again if the songs more about childish theme. :D hiii nowdays that doesn't affected everything, bro. sorry
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