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Author Topic: [26/11/2014] Jay Chou admits once thinking about a surprise proposal on stage  (Read 1417 times)

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Source: OnCC

Jay Chou holds concert in Hong Kong

Jay Chou completed six concerts in a row in Hong Kong's AsiaWorld-Expo, after the show he was interviewed, he talked about the Hong Kong fans' being so passionate, this made Director Chou state to the audience before the ending that he will come to Hong Kong for a concert next year again, Director Chou stated he hoped but it would depend on the venue, there are a lot of people holding concerts in the Coliseum, but when his new songs come out he will come back, he can't be away from the Hong Kong fans too long. Will he get married first? Director Chou said frankly: "Yes, first marriage, then I'll hold another concert, OK, OK. (Have you set a date yet?) It'll be before I turn 36. (There's still two months to go?) Yes, there's two months! (Are you nervous?) I'm not nervous anymore. (Why?) This question is so old, in the past when I got asked this question I would be nervous, but now it's getting closer and closer, it's two months OK. (But the media are nervous?) Before I was nervous because the new album was not finished, I've been busy all along and I didn't know what to do, so with the new album and concert finished it feels good, I can do the things I should do."

As to Director Chou saying Hong Kong will be the last stop this year, the next tour will be next year, he couldn't help but say: "It's finally finished, I can relax!" Talking about how everyone was looking forward to him going on stage and announcing his proposal to girlfriend Hannah? Director Chou laughed saying: "This idea is not bad, but the performance has already ended." Have you thought about proposing on stage? Director Chou said: "I've thought about going onstage, a lot of people have done it before, but I think my time on stage should be for the fans, this kind of family matter should be done in secret." Asked about how he's prepared doing things in secret and will he announce it? Director Chou said honestly: "Yes, I'll do it in secret first then tell everyone. (Have you thought about how you will propose?) I thought about doing it at the concert really, I'm a musician, if I did it at the concert it would be so cool, it would be good, a lot of fans propose offstage, I will think about it some more."

Talking about Hannah coming to support him at the concert, was she waiting for Director Chou to propose? Director Chou smiled saying: "She came to listen to music, don't worry, I will tell everyone! (Will you have your wedding in Paris?) No. (Will you get married on your birthday?) No, it will be complete before my birthday, it's soon, there's still two months." Are you sure Hannah will say yes? Director Chou smiled saying: "I don't know!" Talking about the leaked news that Hannah is going on Xiao S' "Here Comes KangXi"? Director Chou couldn't help but say: "KangXi is a terrifying show, you can't go on it without considerations!"