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Author Topic: [14/12/2014] Jay Chou's forced perspective MV deciphered! Piano dance is eye catching, 1 million hit  (Read 2016 times)

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Source: JVR Music

Jay Chou doing the piano danceJay Chou sitting with a  bulldog having dinnerJay Chou holds a flower bud

The MV for Jay Chou's first plugged song "Extra Large Shoes" has incited frenzied discussion amongst fans when it was released, everyone was surprised how creative Director Chou was! In the MV there was a "piano dance" segment which captivated fans, saying "So handsome"! The choreographer Ice Cream who has a foundation in piano, when they filmed the MV he choreographed a "piano dance" segment at the last minute, the two dancers and Director Chou refined the dance for 3 hours before completing the "piano dance" segment, Jay Chou said: "If a dance teacher can play the piano then he has the right to choreograph a 'piano dance', it's so diao! Everyone can learn it." In order to persuade others, Director Chou had teacher Ice Cream demonstrate playing the piano to prove he can and to make this "piano dance" fit the logic, it's just that when Ice Cream played to a certain level, Director Chou joked at him "stop while you're ahead", it's more important to get the MV finished. The "piano dance" combines piano and dance, Ice Cream stated he had discussed it with Jay in the past, they can finally show off this bit of creativity no one has played with before in the MV! The fans were full of praise for Director Chou's heavy use of "forced perspective" visual design and brand new creativity, fans stated this MV can be considered the best MV in 2014!

In the mV Director Chou designed lots of comedic touches, even using "forced perspective" to create a visual effect! Like when the silent teacher hangs from Jay's tie, or the silent teacher looking like he's dancing in a skirt, later Director Chou reveals that it's just a flower bud, the teacher is so embarrassed he has to cover himself up, it is full of "laughs"! A lot of "forced perspective" camera shots require exact calculations of distance, it's the reason this MV took 3 days to film, in one scene Director Chou is playing the piano, in the background the "Mr.J" lights took workers 3 days to get the 1000 light bulbs positioned, Director Chou said: "Playing with forced perspective takes a long time yet you only see it for a short time, like arranging the Mr.J lights we needed to calculate the distance, every angle to make it seem like there's only a bunch of lights at the front, when the camera moves to a certain position then you will see the words Mr.J, a lot of people asked if it was special effects? No! This was our hard work!"

Fans praised the MV for "Extra Large Shoes" as a great one to watch! The YouTube views have been rising rapidly! In just 12 hours it has broken 1 million views! Director Chou's boundless imagination and creativity made fans say how much effort he has put in! In reality, Director Chou didn't just play with "forced perspective" in the MV, in the album booklet you can see many designs of "forced perspective", like a photo with a bulldog with "forced perspective" looks like the dog is having a big lunch, it took a lot of effort to film these photos, Director Chou had to get to know the dog and the staff had to attract his attention to look at the camera, it was very hard to get the shot! Director Chou smiled saying: "The dog was very heavy, he wore a suit and sat on my lap, it was like I was holding a person." Even though it took a lot of effort to handle the dog and it took a lot of time to film the rest of the photos in the booklet, but with the interesting "forced perspective" camera shots turning into photos for the album booklet, Director Chou thinks it was worth it, it's a good thing for fans to have in their collections.

The latest album "Aiyo, Not Bad" is available for pre-order on the 10th in iTunes and physical, the pre-orders on iTunes compared to other albums already out has already hit the top of the charts in just one day! Even though iTunes you can only listen to "Extra Large Shoes" in iTunes currently, but along with the revealing of the other 11 tracks it is attracting the attention of fans and the music industry! It includes "Yangmingshan", "Steal Love", "What Kind Of Man Are you", "Ends Of The World Passing Traveller", "How Are You", "Reading It All Correctly In One Breath", "I Love Summer", "The Past I Handwrote", "Listen To Father's Words", "Mermaid", "Listen To The Sound Of Falling Rain", they have all been discussed by fans. Jay Chou's 13th album "Aiyo, Not Bad" is launching in 7-11 and all major music stores on the 10th of December.

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