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Author Topic: [31/12/2014] Jay Chou reveals secret behind "What Kind Of Man Are You"! Smiles admitting he was "sub  (Read 1855 times)

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Translator: Ho (
Source: Ettoday

Heavenly king Jay Chou is going to marry Hannah on his birthday on the 18th of January, as soon as the news spread it has shocked the whole of the Chinese entertainment circle, up till now all related news has been followed closely. A few days ago he was interviewed and talked about his love life which he rarely does, he admitted he was subdued by Hannah's "special move" and made him think about marriage, he also publically revealed the secret behind "What Kind Of Man Are You" for the first time.

When Jay Chou was interviewed by "Sina Entertainment" he stated frankly, he's weak against winsome girls, because he thinks maybe it's because he's got a bit of male chauvinism so he thinks "winsome girls are the cutest!" Director Chou said in no uncertain terms that "a lot of men like winsome girls", he himself is no exception and likes girls who are reliant and cute, long before he said this, when his fiancé Hannah was interviewed, it was because she loved being winsome so "her life up till now has been very lucky, smooth and happy", the interviews of the two were revealed, "the sweet coincidence" has ignited netizens again.

Jay Chou and wife to be Hannah

Apart from this, Jay Chou was asked why denied that the song "What Kind Of Man Are You" was not based on his own story, but he relaxed and revealed, he did indeed get some emotional enlightenment from this song. He said frankly that in the past he was never scared of rumours, but since he's become aware that he's going to be married soon, he's started to worry, he's thinking he should start being more responsible, so one of the reasons he got the already married Ariel Lin to be the female lead in the MV was "I won't need to worry about rumours like this!"

Jay Chou picks already married Ariel Lin for MV

Jay Chou also said, he's looking forward to welcoming a new identity in 2015, now he's living happier than he was in the past. Due to the fact that during the interview, no matter if he was talking, his face was full of joy, thus people made fun of him, "Maybe in the next album you will really hear Listen To Wife's Words!"