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Author Topic: Rules Of Freestyle  (Read 9941 times)

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Rules Of Freestyle
« on: February 25, 2005, 11:07:51 pm »
In addition to the rules that applies to the whole forum (see next post), the following apply specifically to the "General" sections which comprise of Freestyle, Knowledge Base, Polls, Other Artist and Other Artist Download.

Just because the name of this forum is FREEstyle does not mean there are no rules. The "Free" in freestyle stands for the freedom to discuss topics that don't belong in other sub-forums. It does NOT mean the freedom to post whatever way you want.

1 - No spamming
Any post that does not add anything new to the conversation at hand is considered spam. Posts that are considered to be in this category may include; "lol heheheh", "yes", "hi :icon_biggrin:", "thx" or any posts that only contain emoticons

1 (a) - No reptitive posting
An extension of Rule #1, if a thread receives a series of posts with similar content (eg. in a thread titled "Do you like Ice Cream?" and people continuously respond with nothing more than "yes") then it would be locked. Moderators have discretion in choosing how much is too much.

1 (b) - No Mock Battles
Mock battles (aka, virtual battles) are generally not allowed, but for practical reasons, it must not exceed a total of 5 posts. Mock Battles are posts which involve the virtual fighting between 2 or more parties through virtual actions (eg. "**throws pineapple**"). Arguments isn't classified as a mock battle. This rule exist to encourage mature posting that are relevant and purposeful, which also invite public discussion by various parties.

1 (c) - No private discussions
Topics are prohibited from transforming into private discussions. Moderators have discretion to judge wat is considered to be private or not where uncertainity arises.

2- Off topic Discussion is allowed
In a thread, one may either choose to post in response to the initial thread question/topic or in response to the current thread topic. Random comments that doesn't relate to either of the two will, however, not be tolderated.

3 - Limitations to Game threads
There may only be a maximum of ONE game thread active with the life span of each game limited to no more than 100pages long (or from 3 days of inactivity). Game threads should be identified with the words "[GAME]" in the thread title.

4 - No specific target threads
Threads that do not invite public discussion are prohibited (eg. "anybody in here come from Hong Kong?").

5 - Revivals of old threads
Users are allowed to revive old threads (any threads not displayed on the first page) but only with posts that promote fresh discussion. (see also 1(a))

6 - Moderator's discretion
The above is not intended to be a complete list of all rules. Moderators have discretion to use their powers if doing so promotes public discussion or to stop unconscionable/unethical conduct.

The intention of this list of rules is simply to allow all users knowledge of the rules and ethical posting practices, so they do not feel disgruntled when a moderator tells them off.

If you have a problem or suggestion about the rules, feel free to drop me a PM by clicking here :thrilled:
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forum rules
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2005, 11:08:42 pm »
Quote from: kelvin
By using the Multistars community you have to follow a few simple and easy to understand rules. These have been made so it will be easier for you to get around here without being banned. Please take your time to read it all though!

For other sites. Continued abuse will get you removed from our forum, and maybe even from the main site too.
You may of course post a link to a news article or whatever you find relative, and doesn't break any of the other rules!

This should speak for itself... Don't make identical posts in all our subforums, or post pornographic just to get peoples attention. The threads/posts will be removed anyways, and so will you.

Be nice to the people we have here, and treat them as you want to be treated. Start a flame war, or any other kind of bashing and you will be gone!

In the forum you will have the possibility to have your own custom signature and/or avatar. These are NOT allowed to break rule #1, #2, #3 and please, don't use high res pictures since it would increase the loading times, and annoy people... especially 56k users.

I'm sure a lot of people get annoyed when they see the same topics which they've already seen.

Do NOT simply put "help" as the name of your forum topic. The Name of your topic should be descriptive of what the thread is about. Failure to comply with this rule will have your thread locked or deleted for repeated offences

Probably the most important rule of them all. Enjoy your stay, behave nicely, and help the ones who need it. Help people if you can, thats the reason we are all here.

-- Multistars Team --